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Key Features - Summary

Key Features - Details

TextPipe can operate on files, the clipboard, or a trial run area with sample data, which is very handy for testing filters. TextPipe provides context menus (right-click menus) on every field to Cut/Copy/Paste/Clear/Select All, escape special characters, insert common patterns, find and replace, and save to and load from a file.

Filters can be inserted inside each other, or they can be linked at runtime to other filters, allowing common modules to be reused.

Processing Options

Input options:

Output options:


Text Manipulation Filters

TextPipe provides a huge range of filters for manipulating text. TextPipe's unmatched power comes from it's unique architecture and its tremendous flexibility in combining and arranging these filters to suit each task.

Filters to convert text:

Unicode functions:

Filters to add text:

Filters to remove text:

Filters for email:

Filters for special tasks:

Filters to map single characters or Unicode characters to a new string:

Filters to restrict changes to subsets of text:

TextPipe also include over a collection of over 100 demonstration filters and maps for common tasks.

TextPipe is simple to install, and no configuration is required before using it. 

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