The TextPipe Filter Wizard guides you step by step through setting up a TextPipe filter list.

A filter list can modify text in many ways, such as search and replace, converting formats, adding and removing lines and columns and much more.

Follow each step below to create your filter list.

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Step 1. Start TextPipe

  1. Click here to start TextPipe
  2. You may be prompted to allow IE to interact with TextPipe - just click Yes
  3. TextPipe will start in the background.

Step 2. Input Settings

Step 2.5. Output Settings

Step 3. Tasks: I want to...

Step 5. Done!


Your TextPipe filter is now ready to use.
You can test your filter by typing sample text into the Trial Run area (see the row of tabs near the top of TextPipe's main window) and then clicking the Trial Run button (at the base of TextPipe's main window).

Click here to close TextPipe when you are finished (after you have saved your new filter!).