The following policy was created to demonstrate to our visitors and customers the commitment that DataMystic has to protecting people's privacy on the Internet. The following explains any information gathered through all DataMystic's domains and how that information is used.

Contact/Support Forms

We will NOT spam you. Your email address will not be sold to third parties. Any information, including data files, sent to us, are held in the strictest confidence, and will be destroyed after use.

Software Updates

When our software attempts to check our web site for updates, your purchase information is evaluated by the page in order to determine when your free updates expire and whether or not you are using the newest version available to you. No information is sent to DataMystic during this process. This page never captures our customer's IP address.

Order Forms

Information submitted through our order forms is saved in a customer database. This database is used ONLY to provide you with technical support and services. Your email address is required to send secure download information and must be kept on file in the event that your secure download information is lost and needs to be resent. 

DataMystic does NOT sell this information to anyone for any reason.

Federal law requires us to keep a record of your transactions with us for a minimum of 3 years after purchase in order to provide credit card companies with proof of purchase. This information includes credit card numbers, expiration dates, and transaction response codes. This information is saved in an encrypted state and is not available through the Internet to prevent malicious hackers from gaining access to this information.


Our web sites contain NO 3rd-party advertising and no information is gathered from your computer for the purpose of marketing or research.

External Links

Our sites contain links to sites owned by other companies. Most of these external links are to reviews of our products. While we have read them and have found nothing of objectionable or questionable content contained in them, we make no guarantees regarding their content or practices.

Customer Contact

From time to time, DataMystic makes available to current customers special deals and/or offers regarding our products. In such a case, we will contact you by email. Additionally, the day that your free product updates expire and when new product versions are available for which you are eligible to receive, we will contact you by email informing you of this.

If you have already purchased from us and wish to be removed from this list, please contact us.