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How to Find and Replace in Excel? ExcelPipe

Find and Replace in Excel Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

ExcelPipe Search and Replace for Excel is an easy-to-use tool to search and replace phrases across large sets of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Automatically

  • Fix broken links by migrating Microsoft Excel hyperlinks when you rename file servers
  • Translate files by applying massive pre-written search/replace lists
  • Find and replace outdated logos, names, addresses and phone numbers
  • The ONLY tool to search and replace images in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Also works with OpenDocument Spreadsheet *.ods formats
  • Update tedious QMS and Business Process templates
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ExcelPipe is designed as a hands-off tool requiring next to no user intervention, as you would expect for migrating large numbers of files. It copes with a myriad range of Microsoft Excel bugs, such as restarting Microsoft Excel to avoid memory errors. It also copes with the largest variety of problem documents of any tool, from password protected to corrupted documents.

To use ExcelPipe, you simply add a list of search/replace pairs, and for each one, specify where in the spreadsheet it should be found. Then you tell it which files to process - that's it!

See the WordPipe Marketplace, where authors share their expertly curated word lists to help you be more efficient.

You're 60 Seconds Away From Fixing Link Rot and Outdated Info

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I just ran a batch on 94 Excel files. 1008 strings. Replaced 8463 strings flawlessly - Don, Translator

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Microsoft SharePoint Services / Office 365 / Network Storage

Yes! ExcelPipe now talks directly to SharePoint sites via UNC path mappings


We recently helped a customer migrate 198,000 Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to Office 2007 format, then convert from UK English to US English. This used a search/replace list of 1,750 terms, and used our Search and Replace Server Bundle on a high-end Amazon EC2 Windows 2012 instance. Our consulting team monitored the process from start to finish.

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ExcelPipe works like a dream. I'm amazed by its speed!

Michael Plant

This thing is great!

I494 files changed in about 20 minutes........I'm tickled to death.

Ed Baumgarten, IT Manager, Mid America Motorworks

My initial use was a smashing success and I am recommending to our IT manager that it is definitely helpful and worth getting. It was truly a great time saver.

Janet Aldrich

I recommend ExcelPipe to anybody who has to make bulk changes in Excel - at this price you can't afford not to use it.

Jonathan Defoy, CEO
Biztree Inc


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ExcelPipe Configurations

ExcelPipe comes in a number of different configurations to suit your deployment profile. Click below to read more about each configuration:

We also provide Professional Services and can tailor ExcelPipe to suit your requirements.

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