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All search and replaces can be single or multi-line, and can include binary characters. Searches can be performed with equal ease in text or binary files.

TextPipe displays the length of search and replace strings -- especially useful for text replacement in binary files where the replacements must have identical length to the found text. Special characters and common patterns can be inserted via a context menu. All changes are tracked via an audit log.

TextPipe provides six different methods of performing search and replace in text or binary strings.

TextPipe also supports search/replace lists from Excel, Tab or CSV-delimited formats. They can either be imported into TextPipe once, maintained within TextPipe, or dynamically from the external file on demand.

The following options can also be used with search and replace:

TextPipe also provides a wizard to build filters to Edit/Replace/Remove/Append to

Custom patterns can also be inserted via the context menu. They are defined in a text file that can be customized by the user.

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