TextPipe makes working with text files easy - fixing websites, converting data files, extracting from databases, fixing formatting, or 1001 other tasks.

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As always, TextPipe will read filters from ALL old versions without any changes being required.

New Features

What's New in TextPipe v12 - June 6, 2022

* Filter panel is now dockable (left/right) or floating. * Trial Input now supports multiple display modes: - Automatic - Non-utf-8 data can be displayed (as UTF-8) - Columnar data can be displayed in a grid - PDF, Excel and Word data can be displayed as extracted text - Mainframe data be displayed in ASCII * Fixed validation error on perl patterns ending in $ instead of $$. * Fixed issue with mainframe filter handling of overlapped comp numeric fields with single digit fields.

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Detailed Changes Log

What's New in TextPipe v11.9.1 - January 6, 2022

* Mainframe Master copybook filters now derive the output filename from the input filename, record type and output type, allowing multiple input files to easily be processed at the same time. * Fixed issue where changing the file extension in the Output filter corrupted utf-8 filenames. * Fixed issue where filename browse dialogs such as the Output Filter single filenames added double quotes unnecessarily.

What's New in TextPipe v11.9 - July 28, 2021

* Fixed periodic reprompting for license key information.

What's New in TextPipe v11.8.1 - July 12, 2021

* Updated Title Case filter to recognise '1st' and other words starting with digits as already capitalized. * Updated OEM to ANSI and ANSI to OEM filters to handle newlines correctly. * Fixed Redaction filters for X-over digits except last 4

What's New in TextPipe v11.8 - April 20, 2021

* Added Redaction filters to replace or mask out sensitive field data such as customer information, medical records, and employee IDs. Safely distribute reports to partners and customers without compromising customer and employee privacy, even in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services. Redaction filters include: X-over text X-over digits X-over digits except last 4 X-over non-blanks Replace with blanks Redact with pseudo NHS Redact with pseudo SSN Redact with pseudo bank number * Mainframe filter now diagnoses erroneous characters found in packed fields. EBCDIC diagnostic dumps are provided with row, column and field name, along with a recommend PIC 9/X/BINARY clause to fix the issue. * Fixed wrong search/replace filter type being created by COM automation. * Fixed Remove Multiple Whitespace filter under-reporting tab removals.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7.7 - January 5, 2021

* Fixed error when help invoked. * Fixed Fixed Width to Delimited Wizard not generating correct whitespace trimming filters.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7.6 - December 2, 2020

* Resolved license manager connection issues by reverting SSL changes for license manager.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7.5 - 4 November, 2020

* Fixed memory corruption issue effecting x64 keyed editions.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7.4 - 22 October, 2020

* Fixed memory issue preventing TextPipe x64 from terminating correctly.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7.3 - 14 October, 2020

* Fixed issue with HTML help component.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7.2 - 30 September, 2020

* Fixed file missing from install borlndmm.dll.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7.1 - 29 September, 2020

* New Mainframe Dump filter shows file offsets, EBCDIC hex characters and ASCII equivalents - making it far easier to debug mainframe file conversions when the cobol copybook is out of date.

What's New in TextPipe v11.7 - 20 September, 2020

* Mainframe filters now handle PICTURE in addition to PIC. * Mainframe filters now handle OCCURS followed by INDEXED BY clauses.

What's New in TextPipe v11.6 - 16 May, 2020

* Mainframe filters can now specify a custom EBCDIC to ASCII mapping from the command line (useful for European languages such as Italian). * Double quotes surrounding pasted filenames now get removed. * UTF-8 BOM is now stripped from the Trial Run area prior to processing. * Fixed multiple issues with file locking for TextPipe Server when multiple instances of TextPipe are running. Using /MINIMIZED command line option prevents user preference saving from locking. * Updated "Convert HTML/XML Entities to Text" to fully support HTML5, with ~2200 entities now supported. * File history can now store up to 20 files. * Cancel button during a job now stops the job successfully. * New filter to Remove Diacritics from Unicode text. * Script filter now provides internal 'TextPipe' status object for x64 * Script filter now uses syntax highlighting.

What's New in TextPipe v11.5 - 18 March, 2020

* Fixed /Q not working. * Mainframe child filters can now use escaped codes e.g. \x00 for record type indicators.

What's New in TextPipe v11.4 - 27 February, 2020

* Fixed proxy port not being available. * Fixed JSON files being saved in ANSI mode.

What's New in TextPipe v11.3 - 25 February, 2020

* Fixed error on exit.

What's New in TextPipe v11.2 - 5 February, 2020

* Fixed error after a database connection filter completes a dataset.

What's New in TextPipe v11.1 - 30 January, 2020

* Fixed bug with command line option /COPYBOOK= * New JSON-based file format which is easy to change, version control and programmatically generate.

What's New in TextPipe v11 - 12 December, 2019

* Massive performance improvement for multi-record mainframe copybooks. * TextPipe's filter file format is now saved in multi-line JSON format, making it human-readable/editable, and super-easy to version control with git/SVN, and easily see changes. Filter files can now easily be constructed by hand or programmatically. * Multi-record mainframe copybook layouts are now ultra-easy to convert - Minimal dependencies between the master and child record structures. * Mainframe BINARY fields are now not quoted (previously they were treated as alpha fields). * Mainframe copybooks can now be specified completely from the command line - from the copybook itself (through a reference file), to the header, field type options etc. * Copybook REDEFINEs now attempt to match the field name followed by (1) if the original redefined field name is not found. * Mainframe filter now outputs empty fields for any OCCURS DEPENDING ON iterations that were not used - ensuring that the output file alignment is retained. * Enhanced the Customize Shell Extensions dialog to allow easier configuration. * Upgraded Unicode support to Unicode 12.1. * Conversion from CSV to Tab now eliminates unnecessary quotes. * Fix for recent files not showing any items. * Fixed Merge Filter not working. * Fixed bug with Extract Delimited Fields filter.

What's New in TextPipe v10.9 - 27 August, 2019

* Log now includes filter icons for easier identification. * New filter to Convert Word documents to RTF. * HTML entities are now case-sensitive. * EasyPattern now throws exception for '0 chars' or repeat counts of zero. * The Single File Output option of the Output filter now re-evaluates any macros in the filename when required. * Mainframe copybook filter now understands 'REPLACES' in addition to 'REDEFINES'. * Mainframe copybook filter now identifies COMP-3 before PIC clause. * Fixed error on Test of mainframe filters. * Fixed display of Unicode data in logging results.

What's New in TextPipe v10.8 - June 5, 2019

* Major UI facelift including new Ribbons and Context Ribbons * Fixed handling of Convert HTML Entities to Text, and updated HTML 4 DTDs to define 252 named entities. * Split filter now processes macros after the file numbering has taken place. * Fixed 'Filter Options\Include Comment Filters in Log' causing all files to appear changed, and preventing the 'Only output changed files' setting from working correctly.

What's New in TextPipe v10.7.3 - October 20, 2018

* Mainframe copybook filter now understands SYNC keyword. * Mainframe copybook filter can now ignore columns beyond 72. * Fixed issue with Search/Replace list in non-simultaneous search mode where replacements were to blank.

What's New in TextPipe v10.7.2 - July 17, 2018

* Fixed @inputFile@ truncating last character of filename. * Updated main memo control to fix intermittent stack overflow issue.

What's New in TextPipe v10.7.1 - May 25, 2018

* Workaround for Trial Output area not always showing result data. * Fix for Prompt on Replace not inserting correct output text.

What's New in TextPipe v10.7 - May 9, 2018

* Mainframe copybook now supports JUST RIGHT clause. * Mainframe copybook now supplies better error message when COMP- types appear without a PIC clause or length. * Windows Explorer shell extensions can now be edited. * Enhanced perl regex filter to allow Unicode characters to delimit Whole Words. * Changed [Delete] action on filter to move to the next filter instead of moving to the previous filter. * Fixed an issue where backslashes and special characters were not output correctly if a search/replace prompt was shown and the replace text was not altered. * Processing tab header now includes a count of warnings if there are no errors. * Fixed filename or foldername generation when based on a macro such as @InputFilename@ where the value contained international characters. * Fixed perl pattern ribbon not being available for some filters. * Fixed Remove Columns filter when the end range was 0 (for the last column). * Fixed Trial Output area now showing cursor position. * Fixed Unicode Normalization filters.

What's New in TextPipe v10.6.2 - January 29, 2018

* Added Restrict to zip internal filename NOT matching pattern list, as partner for Restrict to zip internal filename matching pattern list, and added help for both. * Added Search/Replace actions to the Filter Export for better traceability. * Improved Line Numbering filter to correctly tell the difference between start of file and start of restriction. * Improved error handling for specification filters that do not support multiple ranges. * Made existing OpenOffice support for ODT, ODS, ODP more obvious. * Fixed @FILENAME@ and @INPUTFILE@ not being recognised. * Fixed context menu macro items not being added.

What's New in TextPipe v10.6.1 - December 17, 2017

* Updated Prompt On Replace window Info tab to show Unicode text properly. * Updated Captured Strings to substitute Unicode text properly. * Fixed @ENV_....@ macros and @datetime@ etc not being recognised. * Fixed Context menus and Ribbon for Add Header/Footer/Margin filters.

What's New in TextPipe v10.6 - November 29, 2017

* Field specification filters now support field names with embedded hyphens (- ), and field names with spaces can be used by surrounding them with quotes. * A warning is now output when a field specification does not match the field names found in a file. * Improved error handling for script filters and loading settings and Languages. * TextPipe Engine now does not show popups.

What's New in TextPipe v10.5.1 - October 22, 2017

* Updated Scripting Filter to TextPipe x64.

What's New in TextPipe v10.5 - October 19, 2017

* Restored Scripting Filter to TextPipe x64.

What's New in TextPipe v10.4.1 - October 17, 2017

* Added help links for IoT Hub/Event Hub filters. * Text to Word List now recognises English possessives (or other abbreviations) ending with -s. * Updated Unicode compose/decompose functions for NFC, NFD, NFKC, NFKD. * Updated PDF libraries. * Updated code page converted library (2013->2017). * Fixed UTF-8 case-sensitive sort. * Fixed Convert ANSI to UTF-8.

What's New in TextPipe v10.4 - September 18, 2017

* New Azure Event Hub connection for JSON data. * New Azure IoT Hub connection for JSON data. * Fixed CSV/Tab file processing where the number of fields in each row was less than those specified in the header. * Updated Remove Blanks from Start of Line/End of Line to handle UTF-8 e3 80 80 IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE, common in Chinese text. * Fixed bug in CSV parsing. * Fixed bug in delimited-field restrictions that were not moving or deleting. * Fixed bug in delimited-field restrictions using a range with an end-field relative number.

What's New in TextPipe v10.3 - August 8, 2017

* Column specifications for Delimited field delete, extract and restrict can now specify multiple columns in one filter e.g. 6, 9, 61..63. Field names can be specified (if 'first row contains field names' is checked) * Excel column numbering - prefix Excel column name with 'COL_' e.g. COL_A .. COL_AB. * Updated mainframe copybook filter to allow COMP type before the PIC * The Break on Value Change window now has a checkbox 'Break on Value Change' that can be unchecked to control the actual filter during a job. * Changed Filter Log, "Don't log to file if line count is less than" field to " Log errors to file after X errors" * In non-interactive mode (cli), the existing logs are now transferred to the log file when the visual log hits the limit. * Fixed position of prompt on replace window, so it always pops up in a consistent location. * Help file updates.

What's New in TextPipe v10.2.7 - May 2, 2017

* Added new Run section to Ribbon. * Copybook filter and Database filter now change output extension to match format. * Added JSON and SQL INSERT script output format to copybook filter. * Added JSON output format to database filter. * Added Convert Tab to JSON filter. * New command line option and Windows shell extension to 'Prepare filter for distribution' on a set of files. * Added /openOutputOnCompletion command line option, with set, unset or toggle. * Added /CLOSE command line option - useful for automated processing. * Updated /SAVEFILTER to overwrite current filename if no filename specified. * Streamlined right-click menu in Filter Library. * Previous filter name in Windows title is now cleared when a filter is closed. * Default to UTF8 encoding instead of ANSI when loading/saving files. * Updated case changing filters to work with UTF-8 encoded text. * 'Only log when a search/replace occurs' checkbox now properly actioned. * Changed Convert Word/Excel/PDF to text filters to output UTF-8 text. * Extract URL filter now copes with ANY scheme, from the previously supported mailto:, http:, https:, nntp:, gopher:, ftp:, ftps:, and new ones such as call: and skype: * Fixed Mainframe copybook filter handling of single line REDEFINES. * Fixed Add Left/Right Margin, Header/Footer filters not saving defaults. * Fix for CSV/Tab field names not being extracted from files. * New warning on blank PDF conversion output. * Fixed job termination 'Parent window is nil' message - occurred when the log filename path was not fully specified. * Fixed Line Number filter 'Reset at end of file' not working, and being the reverse sense. * Fixed Search/Similar text options not being available.

What's New in TextPipe v10.1 - March 19, 2017

* Added 'ignore leading characters' to Mainframe Copybook filter to help resolve common copybook processing problems. * Added ability to save and load Shell Extension filters to tab/csv. * Upgraded PCRE regex library. * Command line wizard - fixed copy buttons 2-5 not working. * Enhanced capability of search/replace list filter's edit grid. * Enhanced log output to provide information for every filter type - very useful for filter debugging. * Fixed issue with "Restrict to internal zip filenames matching" filter that prevented text passing through the filter in trial run mode. * Fixed issue with exit code being reported that was outside the specified values.

What's New in TextPipe v10.0.7 - March 1, 2017

* Updated help file for new Ribbon interface. * Improved speed of Mainframe Copybook Filter. * Improved speed of Exact match search/replace (internally reverted to older non regex code). * Updated Mainframe Copybook filter to handle BINARY fields in B. notation with the correct length. * Remove BOM filter now detects if it has changed the file or not, and handles UTF-16 LE properly. * Fixed Move Delimited Fields filter not working for single columns. * Fixed job not cancelling when requested. * Fixed Unicode checkbox obscuring other controls.

What's New in TextPipe v10.0.6 - December 21, 2016

* Fixed combo boxes being shown with a dimmed background color. * Fixed handling of field selection when the first field is relative to the number of fields (ie a -ve offset). Fixed handling when a relative reference is used with a field count. * Fixed field selection when erroneous ... used for a range. * Fixed bug when Enter key pressed in File grid. * Fixed tree view hot keys being global. * Fixed search/replace list filter UI. * Mainframe copybooks now allow + and - VALUES clauses. * Installer for x64 systems now also installs x32 shell context dialogs

What's New in TextPipe v10.0.5 - November 25, 2016

* Fixed greediness setting not being respected for perl patterns. * Fixed delete behaviour for multi-level filters.

What's New in TextPipe v10.0.4 - November 13, 2016

* Added Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to move filters up and down in the filter list. * Added Shift+UP and Shift+Down to move filters up and down in the filter list but at the same level. * The Filename is now passed to subfilters of a Restrict to Matching Lines filter. * Copy/Move CSV fields now works again. * Fixed resources being exhausted with multiple trial runs.

What's New in TextPipe v10.0.3 - October 11, 2016

* Added Ctrl+D to duplicate the current filter. * Added Ctrl+E to Escape the text in the current edit field e.g. to prevent \ or @ characters being treated as special. * Added short cut list to help file. * Fixed bug with handling of negative offsets (relative to end) for field, line and column restrictions. * Improved resize behaviour.

What's New in TextPipe v10.0.2 - September 27, 2016

* Restored Ctrl+O short cut on File\Open. * Fixed utf-8 mode not respected on Search/Replace List filters. * Removed Buy Ribbon from registered version. * Fixed Map filter display and click-to-edit not working.

What's New in TextPipe v10.0.1 - September 20, 2016

* Added 'Minimize Ribbon' option to preferences. * Fixed Capture Variable, Yes To All button not working. * Fixed field extractor not correctly handling two consecutive named fields, and leaving off the last field. * Recent files list now shows filename first, folder second, as workaround until list width can be adjusted.

What's New in TextPipe v10.0 - August 22, 2016

* New modern Ribbon interface. Major advantage being easy discovery of the huge array of useful helpers buried in the right-click context menus are now available to other than power-users! * Select, Copy, Move and Delete Delimited field filters now use a powerful new field editor to determine which fields to operate on. Use field number, field ranges like 4 .. 10, Excel column names like COL_A or COL_J .. COL_Z, as well as field names from the file. Field names do not have to be in order - TextPipe will figure out where they are in each file and automatically use them. * New filter to Extract Delimited fields - simply list the fields you need, and TextPipe will extract them. * Extract field names from files directly in the file grid - just highlight the files, right-click and choose 'Extract field names to clipboard'. TextPipe puts a sorted field list on the clipboard. * Match entire lines/records of CSV, Tab or Pipe data and output to a new format simply. Match an unlimited number of fields, use custom delimiters too. Perfect for mainframe data with thousands of columns. Filters Menu \ Replace \ Match CSV/Tab/Pipe record. * Easily generate patterns for CSV, Tab or Pipe-delimited entire record matches. When using an EasyPattern match, right-click the Find What field and choose 'Insert EasyPattern \ Line Patterns \ CSV record'. Also Tab record and Pipe record. Matches up to 50 fields. * Mainframe copybook filter now gives exact line and columns position for errors, and displays the current line/column when editing. Mainframe copybook filter now handles single-field REDEFINEs better. Mainframe copybook filter now allows ':' as part of fieldname. Fixed ASCII warning detection logic with zero byte files. * Easily compare results in Excel, by taking advantage of our Excel-style column naming in replacements. So now instead of having to use $1$, $27$, $26$ to identify matched fields, you can now use Excel-style column names like @col_A@, @col_AB@, @col_Z@. These new names are now available for every search/replace throughout TextPipe. You can also insert excel-style column names easily using the right-click menu on pattern replacements - right click, Insert match subexpression \ Excel column numbering \ @col_A@ * New Sort by UTF-8 (case sensitive and insensitive). * Filters can now be paused by clicking the [Go > ] button e.g. to receive a skype call. * Increased filter history from 10 to 36 entries. * New warning if the filter being opened is already open in another window. * New button that allows defaults for each filter type to be set under user- control rather than auto-magically. This prevents hard-to-debug issues with pattern match options that are normally hidden. * Moved filter text search to new location at top of filter tree, normally hidden. * Renamed 'Repeat Subfilters X Times' to 'Run Subfilters X Times'. * Fixed Changing 'Include comment filters in log' not flagging the filter as changed. * Now checks for 'zombie' filters that follow a T-filters' secondary output filter - these filters do nothing. * New install option to pin to taskbar. * Filter log filename can now include macros like @fullInputFilename@ and @filterName@, allowing log files to be grouped and named with their filters like @filterPath@@filterName@.log or %HOMEPATH%\log\@filterName@.log * Changed macro @FILTERFILENAME@ to exclude the path, to be consistent with the naming of other macros and to generally be more useful. * Search/replace list filters now support Unicode. * New option for Add Line Numbers - to reset at the start of a new file. * Removed unused search/replace types and re-prioritized list of types. * List of filenames can now be Unicode. * Split file filters will now remove the last file if it has zero bytes. * EasyPatterns are now UTF_8 enabled by default. Now have UTF-8 mode setting for binary/ebcdic data. * Updated ZipMaster component to 1.9.2. * Updated PCRE regex to 8.6.9. * Fixed bug with third option of line range selection - referencing lines relative to the end of file with a given number of lines. * Downloading URLs in the file list now supports https, as well as redirection from http to https and vice versa.

What's New in TextPipe v9.9.4 - January 20, 2016

* Speed improvements. * Fixed loading/display/handling of Map filters. * Moved import/export of search/replace lists into the search/replace list filter. * Improved handling of tab delimited data with embedded tabs (in quotes), for Convert Tab-delimited to CSV, and Restrict to Delimited fields (Tab) filters. * Filter options, log file view and delete now correctly change the current directory to the same directory as the filter before proceeding. * File Menu option to rename a filter. * Fixed example filters not being copied after an uninstall. * Fixed help file links for Convert Tab/CSV (with headers) filters.

What's New in TextPipe v9.9.3 - November 23, 2015

* Cleaned up interface and installer. * Processing speed improvements. * Fixed error on loading Map filters.

What's New in TextPipe v9.9.2 - September 29, 2015

* Re-arranged UI for better user experience. * Loading a file into the Trial Input area now does not double backslashes or other special chars. * Temp files used in processing Zip files, or in Convert Word/Excel/PDF to Text are now thread-safe to avoid conflicts. * New error on zip DLL missing.

What's New in TextPipe v9.9.1 - June 2, 2015

* Download of web pages in the file list now occurs with user agent of 'Mozilla/5.0' - previously this used 'Internet Explorer 5.5' * New macros to allow finer granularity to dates in filenames etc: @_day, @_month, @_year, @_hour, @_minute, @_second. * Fixed multiple TextPipe Engine (COM) issue on running and then closing filters. * Now includes COM import manifest for TextPipe and TextPipe Engine to allow for registry-free COM. * Added new COM function appendFilter().

What's New in TextPipe v9.9 - March 16, 2015

* Split filters can now cope with Unicode filenames. * New Tools Menu item to search your filters for a piece of text. Perfect for finding filters in a large filter list. * New Replace options - replace (or skip) rest of folder. Great for websites and other hierarchical structures. * New command line option /EXPORT= to output a UTF-8 text representation of the filter. From here it can be compared using a diff utility or stored under source code control. Very useful for comparing two similar filters to see what exactly has changed, e.g. to generate exports for all filters in the current folder: FOR %f IN (c:\folder\*.fll) DO "c:\Program Files (x86)\DataMystic\TextPipe\TextPipe.exe" /HIDDEN "/f=%f" "/EXPORT=%f.txt" (In a .BAT file, remember to use %%f instead of %f). * Fixed export of Search/Replace List and Search/Replace filter. * /EXPORTFILTERTOLOG now uses UTF-8 format.

What's New in TextPipe v9.8.1 - January 16, 2015

* Fixed Restrict to Filenames Matching/Not Matching Filters, bug introduced in v9.8.

What's New in TextPipe v9.8 - January 8, 2015

* New EasyPattern [MacAddress] for firewall log processing. * Massively improved speed of filters that match against a list of patterns e.g extracting lines that match a list of 20,000 words. * Mainframe filter now detects and warns when ASCII files are processed. * New Expand All/Collapse All in right-click menu of Filter view. * If the filter list is running and F9 is pressed, TextPipe now changes to the Status tab. * Fixed: Right-click, Escape Special Characters, did not set the filter to modified. * Comment filters now have horizontal scroll bar. * Clearing the filter search using [X] button now selects search field. * Fixed File\Export filter to clipboard, output filter was missing line feeds. * Inappropriate menu items are now dimmed when a non-filter window is active. * Filter is now not marked as changed when expanding/contracting. * Open file on completion now uses the default editor if no file association is found. * Better bounds on Fibonacci buffer growth. * Fixed opening of web page after File Menu\Export to web page.

What's New in TextPipe v9.7.3 - August 22, 2014

* Removed warning about active COM objects.

What's New in TextPipe v9.7.2 - August 15, 2014

* Fixed bug in Remove lines matching perl pattern.

What's New in TextPipe v9.7.1 - August 14, 2014

* Difference tool integration - new function to open a file in text difference tool - in Trial Run, from the Files Tab, and from the Status Results Window. Integrate with tools such as WinDiff and BeyondCompare. * Sort function now much faster. * Removed locking of TextPipe into the COM Running Object table, so COM errors do not occur on completion of scripts. * Upgraded PDF component. * Display text now outputs 'simultaneous search' and 'Process longest strings first' options. * Fixed bug in Convert Excel to Text filter - was ignoring non-hidden sheets.

What's New in TextPipe v9.7 - May 29, 2014

* Mainframe copybook filter now allows pass-thru EBCDIC data ie BINARY data e.g. using PIC X(48) USAGE IS BINARY. Mainframe copybook filter now does not insert a null (\x00) character after fields in Fixed Width mode. Invalid copybooks now send errors to log when running from command line. * New EasyPatterns: [Drive] e.g. C: E: -> returns drive letter in @drive@ [Folder] e.g. \My Documents\ -> returns 'My Documents' in @folder@ [Path] e.g. d:\My Documents\ -> returns 'd:\My Documents' in @drive@ and @path@ [UNCPath] e.g. \\server\share\path\filename -> returns @server@, @share@ and @path [Filename] e.g. testdocument.doc -> returns @filename@ * Unicode conversion filter did not retain the Error Character if the Input or Output encodings were not changed. * Hidden worksheets are now ignored by the Excel to Text filter. * Split filter now cleans up its temporary files.

What's New in TextPipe v9.6 - January 1, 2014

* Trial run area now shows output progressively - giving important feedback earlier in the filter development lifecycle. * Now shows '(more pending)' next to the file count if more files remain to be counted, so users aren't misled that only 1000 files will be processed. * Added new filter list menu items for Remove exactly, Remove perl pattern, and Remove EasyPattern * File grid now allows mass-changing of Action or Subfolder columns using right-click menu after selecting rows in the row number column. * File grid ensures that the top blank row is used with drag/drop. * Pressing [Tab] in a memo control now inserts a tab - it no longer changes focus to the next field. * Updated Perl regexp third-party package. * Updated PDF third-party package. * Re-ordered scratch pad and gave tabs consecutive numbers. * 'Delete' action of search/replace grid now much faster for entire-grid clearing. * TextPipe now warns if a Convert Word/Excel to Text filter is used at the same time as the Input Filter/Process Inside Compressed files option - these are not compatible. * Fixed missing comma in VBScript/Jscript code generation for search/replace lists. * Installer - fixed x32 shell extensions missing under Windows x32. * Replace List path is now relative to the filter path. * Using File Menu\Open to open non-filter files, now adds them to the current Files To Process list.

What's New in TextPipe v9.5.3 - August 5, 2013

* Fixed error with Restrict to Blocks of Length X and several other filters causing out of memory errors, as they were confused for 'repeat filter X times' filters.

What's New in TextPipe v9.5.2 - July 25, 2013

* Fixed 'Only log when a replace occurs' not working for consecutive search replace filters in the Search/Replace list filter. * Fixed UTF-8 mode perl pattern replace strings from being converted to utf-8.

What's New in TextPipe v9.5.1 - July 15, 2013

* Added Help entry for Repeat Subfilters X Times. * Adding filters with no valid filter window now creates a new filter window. * When Utf8 Support is checked for replace filters, Unicode characters in the search for and replace with fields are now correctly converted to UTF-8 prior to being processed by the PCRE engine. * Clicking [Delete] on empty areas of the Files grid no longer causes errors.

What's New in TextPipe v9.5 - July 3, 2013

* Added log entries for size/date of ignored files. * Search/replace lists can now generate log entries - useful for debugging. Also, logs can be output only for where replacements occurred, which keeps the log size manageable when importing large search/replace lists (default On when loading existing filters as previously no logging was done). * EasyPatterns v2.8 - new keywords EBCDICletter, EBCDICupper, EBCDIClower, DayNameShort, DayNameLong, MonthNameShort, MonthNameLong, YearShort, YearLong, Float, Integer. WordBreak is a new synonym for WordBoundary. The behaviour of number, numbers and numeric has been changed so that instead of matching a single digit (which is already handled by the digit keyword), they now match a number with an optional sign and optional decimal point. * Mainframe copybook filter now copes with VALUES of ZERO/ZEROS/ZEROES, SPACE/SPACES and multiple comma-separated values in addition to the string and integer values previously supported. Now supports VALUE clause on numeric fields. * New right-click menu items in all filters view, to Link To or Insert filter files. * Filter comments can now be included in the output log, from the filter options settings at the top of the tree. This greatly assists in debugging complex filters. * New filter to Repeat Subfilters X Times; useful when you are not sure how many times a search/replace pattern needs to be applied. * Named subexpressions created by a Split on Pattern filter are now saved as global variables for use in other filters. Useful for pushing split pattern text into filenames. * If Prompt On Replace is disabled during a filter list, the filter is now marked as modified when the Prompt form is closed. * Search/replace lists now discard blank search terms and terms where the replacement is identical to the search. * Log filename now has environment variables resolved before display. * Partial trial runs now reset the status window properly. * Better handling of split filenames with format string errors in them. * Filter components relative to the filter path now work in Unicode folder names. * Restrict to Inside filenames is now available in the Lite version to assist batch file re-naming. * Upgraded PDF component from 8.15 to 9.13 - now handles a greater range of PDF document types. * Updated to Zip Master 1.9.1 and PCRE v7.5. * Fixed handling of EasyPattern Ascii() keyword. * Fixed bug with Right-click\Delete on files in the file list. * Fixed bug in search/replace list, in perl pattern match mode. If the search term contained brackets (), then replacement phrases on rows following it were mismatched. * Split filter now copes with absolute pathnames in the split filename. Split filter now outputs log entries when it starts a new file, and outputs separate logging details for each split file. * Number of files processed now does not include files inside zip containers. The current file being processed now shows the zip container and the internal filename. * Fixed export of Search/Replace lists filters to VBScript. * Fixed incorrect path for shell extensions on install. * Fixed bug with handling of moving a delimited field, where the line did not end with the expected delimiter.

What's New in TextPipe v9.4.1a - April 18, 2013

* Bug fix for Retain modified dates for the compressed file. * Matrix search now uses slightly faster initialization method.

What's New in TextPipe v9.4.1 - April 9, 2013

* Fixed installer issue on x32 systems. * Retain modified dates now works for compressed files (for the compressed file itself).

What's New in TextPipe v9.4 - April 3, 2013

* Matrix (parallel) search/replace for Exact replacements: - now supports First Only option - any term that has already been replaced will not be replaced again. - now supports Case Sensitive replace- where the case of the replacement is based on the case of the found text. - now supports prompt on replace. - now much faster - 600,000 replacements against 8MB compressed .xlsx file in 31 seconds. - fixed bug where changes were not counted and hence the output file was never updated unless changes had been made by other filters. - fixed bug where text that did not match was output in lowercase when Match Case was unchecked. - fixed bug where text at the end of the file or restriction was not replaced. * Added .XPS as a compressed document type. * Word to Text Filter and PDF to Text Filter now set output filename to .txt, Excel to CSV filter now sets output filename to .csv. * New warnings to ensure Process Binary files is checked when Process Inside Compressed Files is checked. * TextPipe now switches immediately to the Status tab when a trial run is started so that progress can be reviewed, and then switches back to the Trial Run tab on completion. * Exact search replace now does not even allow special characters. * New status messages from search/replace list filters to give progress updates when loading large files. * New filter to restrict processing to specified files within a zip or other compressed file. * Compressed file handler now removes any left over files at the end of the filter job. * Compressed file handler now shows status information as it extracts and re- compresses files. * New status logs for filters that perform end-of-line conversions. * New validation check for 'Send variable N to subfilter' to ensure there are at least N captured expressions. * Now handles any PKZIP compressed file types regardless of whether the extension is known or not. * Fixed bug with handling compressed files where modified files were not updated back into the original compressed file. * Fixed bug where AV occurred when adding a new file to a file list that had been cleared using [Clear All]. * Fixed export to clipboard of search/replace lists - the second and subsequent lines were not indented correctly. * Removed 'Warning: Find and Replace string lengths don't match' message when the Action is not set to 'Replace'.

What's New in TextPipe v9.3.1 - January 8, 2013

* Fixed problem with endless loop caused when Up or Down arrow pressed in Files Grid.

What's New in TextPipe v9.3 - December 18, 2012

* File grid now supports Unicode characters. * Support for Unicode pattern matches in the files grid (perl regex mode). * Split filter now allows Unicode filenames, and Unicode file break patterns. * Grep filters now allow Unicode patterns (when UTF-8 support mode is enabled).

What's New in TextPipe v9.2.2 - September 6, 2012

* Fixed installer error with registry entries required by x64 Shell Extension

What's New in TextPipe v9.2.1 - September 5, 2012

* Fixed crash with sorting more than one file. * Fixed crash experienced by some users caused by the x64 shell extension when the desktop was right-clicked.

What's New in TextPipe v9.2 - August 12, 2012

* Massive performance improvement for large added strings, such as headers and footers. * Mainframe copybook filter now handles the option 'Process numeric fields only' properly - previously it output blanks for alpha fields in this mode. * New popup menu for the status log - options to copy the log entry, copy all log entries, open the referenced file or its containing folder. * New filter Convert HTML/XML Entities to Text, as it handles both numeric and 253 named entities. * New 'Copy to Clipboard' button for Search/Replace list filter. * Right-click menus now display available environment variables and their current values, for easy insertion. * Updated internal PCRE (Pattern Matching) engine to v8.30 and support for Unicode 6.1.0. * The perl regex position '^' for the start of the file now works with Unix files. * TextPipe Engine now returns an error if the output file is open in another application - in the same way the GUI does. * Improved COM object model to have less embedded references to objects, making it easier to free the objects. Also, calling the output* and input* functions when calling the TextPipe.FilterWindow object no longer result in errors. * Uninstall from now on will not remove settings. * 'updateDate' in registry can now be set to zero to disable update checking. * TextPipe Engine now ignores Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Break. * MIME Base 64 Decoder now excludes the trailing garbage character. * Output Filter now allows macros and ENV vars in the single output filename. * Fixed threading errors when cancelling running jobs. * Debug window and embedded help windows now record their size correctly. * Stack overflow, as in the case of pattern matches with poor constraints, are now trapped as Exit Code 254. * Fixed environment variable substitution error in filenames.

What's New in TextPipe v9.1 - March 15, 2012

* Added new macro @inputPath to contain the path to the input file, with a trailing slash. This lets you easily create output folders at the input path location. * Added new macro @inputExtension to contain the extension of the current input file. * Output Filter's Single Output Filename, new File Extension and New Path can now all contain macros. * Added support for Open Office Writer (.ODT), Calc (.ODS) and Impress (.ODP) file types as new compressed file types. * HTML Restriction filter now supports entity names with embedded colons (:) and hyphens (-) which is essential for working with Open Office files and other XML types. * EasyPattern keyword [backwardSingleQuote] renamed to [graveAccent] as the original name was incorrect. * The right-click context menu on the Filter Tree now allows groups of selected filters for 'Make Into a Subfilter' and 'Promote'. * Fixed operation of log 'overwrite' option - the log cache would not clear previous logs created since TextPipe was started. Logs were also not being closed at the completion of a filter job, hence they could not be deleted. * Macros and environment variables are now allowed to contain numbers, provided that the first character is not a number. * The right-click context menu of the replace string now inserts captured variable names instead of $1, $2 etc when you ask it to insert a CSV, Tab or XML string. This makes it far easier to identify which fields belong where, as well as making the replacement string less sensitive to changes to the search pattern. * New optimization for named captured variables - TextPipe replaces these with the captured variable number behind the scenes - so you get the ease of use benefits of named variables, with no speed decrease. * EasyPatterns now allow a literal (ie a string of characters) inside a 'not' expression, e.g. not 'ABC', or not EBCDIC('HDR'). * Mainframe copybook filter can now remove FILLER fields inside OCCURS blocks. * Supported but not installed code pages now show 'NOT INSTALLED' beside them. * Fixed AV's when saving or loading a file when running under Windows 7. * Sort filter set to maximum allowed memory of 2GB to avoid integer overflows.

What's New in TextPipe v9.0 - January 30, 2012

* New filter to perform a calculation on restricted text e.g. add 1.5 to a field. * Comment filter now allows Unicode text. * Windows Home Server no longer considered a 'Server' platform. * Log files now support Unicode. * Fixed action of 'Skip/Replace in Rest of File' when used inside a restriction - previously it carried forward for the rest of the job, instead of the rest of the current file. * Remove multiple whitespace filter now generates detailed log information. * Trial Runs now generate the same logging data as real runs. * Fixed missing filters from Lite Edition. * TextPipe only registers its COM object during install and for the /REGSERVER command line option - preventing errors on less-than-admin use. * Restored action of F9 button to start running when the All Filters view is selected.
  • Opening and Updating zip file log messages are now clickable. * Updated third-party zip DLL to improve Windows x64 support. * Fixed handling of double backslashes in the replacement term for search/replace lists when consecutive search was selected. * Unicode strings are now converted to UTF8 when the perl pattern filter has UTF8 mode selected. * Restrict to matching/non-matching filenames now works with files of unlimited size.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.9 - November 10, 2011

    * Fixed Sort filter allowing duplicates. * Entering \x{1234} when UTF-8 mode is enabled for a perl pattern match now does not show a validation message. * Updated PCRE engine. * Fixed scrolling of found text into view in Prompt On Replace dialog. * New [Add Files] button on Files to Process tab. * Combo boxes now work with right-click context menus. * Search/replace list import now supports Unicode.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.8.1 - October 24, 2011

    * Updated PDF libraries for extraction from more recent file formats. * Added large [Add Files] button to Files to Process tab.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.8 - October 24, 2011

    * Capture Text, Break on Value Change window now shows length of strings and current cursor position. * Updated internal PCRE (Pattern Matching ) engine to v8.13 and support for Unicode 6.0.0. * Updated Unicode internal libraries to support Unicode 4.1 for Normalization etc. * COM callees are now notified of Stack violations (e.g. during pattern execution) or other critical errors via the existing 'FilterWindow.errorText' variable. * Only modified files are added back into Zip files such as .zip, .docx, .xlsx and .pptx.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.7 - October 13, 2011

    * Updated x64 extension to only show current file name, not full path. * Better checking for changed files with Extract matching/non-matching lines and Remove matching/non-matching lines. * All Available Filters tree now show properly when the text 'Search...' is translated. * Fixed errors with TP Engine not unloading cleanly, and not returning data.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.6 - September 15, 2011

    * Windows Explorer x64 extension working!

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.5 - September 2, 2011

    * Fixed dimming of unavailable filters in Lite and Standard versions.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.4 - August 18, 2011

    * Fixed Browse buttons not resizing correctly. * Converted file list field to Unicode. * New 'Close' buttons in basic forms (editor, copybook tree viewer). * Now handles 'Convert Word/Excel to text' inside subfilters, prior to the job starting (e.g. for processing exclusion lists etc). * Fixed Mainframe copybook filter handling of OCCURS .. DEPENDING ON .. when the Trim Fields option was checked. * Fixed display of Unicode text in various multi-line edit fields.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.3 - July 26, 2011

    * Fixed crash on filter run when working with files. * New 'Open Containing Folder' for filter lists. * Fixed bug when double-clicking on filenames. * Filter search now works for filters like 'Sort' - where previously the invisible short cut character & prevented this from working. * Search/replace lists now returned to na-ve UTF-8 handling. * Binary test now works for Unicode filenames.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.2 - July 19, 2011

    * Fixed bug with the way that PlaySound was called at the end of the filter job which caused crashes.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9.1 - July 8, 2011

    * Removed windows explorer x64 extension as buggy. * Search/replace lists now check for Unicode external files.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.9 - July 8, 2011

    * New search function to quickly find matching filters or external files. * Simultaneous search now works with patterns - not just Exact match. * Filter move Up/Down buttons in short cut menu. * Enable/Disable prompting in short cut menu to easily debug large groups of filters. * Secondary output filters are no longer removed when pasting. * Log files are now opened in their associated app rather than in Notepad when double-clicked or when [Show] button clicked. * Better Unicode filename support when filenames are launched by double- clicking on text fields. * Updated internal pattern matching libraries. * TextPipe Engine now logs just as the GUI can. * Unicode filenames now supported by Merge Filename; Output Extension, New Base Folder and Single Output Filename; Split Filename; Log filename; Map comment; String filters' filenames, Search/Replace List filename. * Unicode filename support in status grid, file grid, processing etc.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.8.2 - April 13, 2011

    * Dimmed filters now cannot be double-clicked to add them. * While loading a search/replace list, TP now responds to events. * Link Filter now in every edition. * List filename now gets loaded properly.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.8.1 - April 11, 2011

    * Added .ODT as a compressed file type so that OpenDocument documents can be handled just like Office .DOCX format compressed XML files. * New Files to Process field to load files from a list file (note - this ability was already available from the command line with /L= and from COM via addFileList). * The Replace List filter now has a button to paste a list from the clipboard. * Added new exit code of 255 for abnormal termination due to textpipe.exe being killed or an unexpected error. * Deferred hooking into Windows HTML help system for faster startup. * Migration of filters from Pro to Standard, and Casing filters from Standard to Lite.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.8 - March 24, 2011

    * New file date and file size filters to help select files to be processed. * New context menu items for filter list, to duplicate, demote or promote filters. * Renamed variables in Extract-generated .vbs and .js scripts for consistency and readability. * Lite and Standard version now show dimmed menu items for unavailable options. * Upgraded PCRE pattern engine. * Improved speed of double-quoting and trimming mechanism in Mainframe Copybook filter. * New EasyPatterns [DayNameLocal] and [MonthNameLocal]. * Default for loading older Mainframe Copybook filters without Force Quotes options is now set to unchecked. * Fixed EasyPattern keyword 'atomic'. * Fixed coInitialize/coUninitialize COM errors with repeated running of the scripting filter.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.7 - February 14, 2011

    * Comment filters and other filters with multi-line values now display just the first non-blank line in My Filter List. * Various GUI fixes. * New macro @outputFilename to output the name of the output file without the path. * Correct detection of Windows XP x64 as a non-server O/S. * Updated code to detect My Documents and AppsData folder under Windows 7. * Convert Excel to Text filter now outputs a form feed (ASC 12) character between worksheets. * Filter lists are now freed on completion. E.g. Filters that load large suppression lists (e.g. 300MB Remove matching lines filters) can now be run repeatedly without restarts. * Better error trapping for Out of Memory errors and other exceptions that occur during filter execution. * Many memory leaks fixed, making working with large files multiple times far easier.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.8 - November 16, 2010

    * Speed improvements for Remove Lines From List, and Retain Lines From List, when using large external compare files (10MB+).

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.7 - October 27, 2010

    * The Output Filter setting of 'Backup Mode' now does indeed rename the original input file to '.bak' rather than operating on the output filename.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.6 - October 19, 2010

    * Setting the global variable @CLIPBOARD using a Capture Filter or a named variable in a search pattern now sets the Windows clipboard as well. * Missing Recently Used files are now removed from the list. * New 'atomic' keyword allows EasyPatterns to match either all or none of a group e.g. [ atomic(0+ spaces) ] matches all the spaces that are present, or none of them - and does not backtrack and keep retrying with one less space each time. This makes matching far faster. * Mainframe Copybook Filter in the Server Edition no longer automatically adds a Split CPU filter.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.5 - September 8, 2010

    * Shell extension now supports Unicode filenames - fixed error with only the first letter of menu options being shown.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.4 - August 25, 2010

    * Mainframe copybook filter now allows trailing minus sign to identify signed fields e.g. PIC 9(11)V99-. * Fixed problem where status messages were occasionally lost or doubled up. * Improved Unicode file handling.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.3 - August 13, 2010

    * Fixed bug with output files causing file rename errors.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.2 - August 11, 2010

    * Sound on completion when run from command line now uses settings from Preferences (rather than being forced on). Can be overridden using /PLAYSOUND. * Updated Explorer Context Menu to support Unicode. * Now uses updated zip library. * Partial support for Unicode filenames. * Fixed bug with Ignore Case always enabled, for Count Duplicate Lines and Remove Duplicate Lines filters. * Fixed bug where @ and $ signs in the replace string were handled incorrectly- when used in the Search/Replace list filter in sequential mode.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.1b - July 2, 2010

    * Change to update mechanism to prevent spurious update notifications.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6.1 - July 1, 2010

    * Log file is now closed and re-opened every 30 seconds so that the file size increases over time. If you open the file it will still show the currently written data. * Fixed input file gathering - new files are now available for processing immediately rather than grouped by folder. Previously, folders with thousands of files would cause an apparent stop in processing. * Uninstaller now does not require explorer.exe (Explorers and Task bar) to be closed; reboot or logoff required as before. * Cancel button now does not pause thread until [Ok] clicked, due to conflicts with suspending the thread.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.6 - June 16, 2010

    * File list is generated in parallel with processing - so work commences immediately, even with millions of files to process. * Status window now shows expected completion time based on total data volume being processed. * Mainframe Copybook Filter - adding quotes to alpha fields is now an option rather than automatic. Quotes and field delimiters in the record header and numeric fields are now escaped appropriately. * 'Delete Input Files On Completion' Input Filter warning message now disabled in command line and Engine mode. * Scripting filter now available in the Standard version. * Performance improvement for Switch CPU filter. * Restrict to matching lines filter now uses its subfilters to determine if a change has occurred to the input file. * Fixed bug with Split CPU filter when used with multiple output files.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.5.3 - May 19, 2010

    * Fixed bug in MultiCPU version with Split CPU filter stopping output files being written. * Merge filename is now added to the COM output files list. * Fixed TextPipe Engine bug with Edit Distance search/replace and Convert to Word List not working on first filter execution. * Fixed Insert Filter option changing filename and inserting extra Output filter.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.5.2 - May 11, 2010

    * If the Output file cannot be written to (e.g. the network resource is no longer available), then the Input filter option to Delete Input Files is ignored. The Open Output Files On Completion option is also ignored in this case. * When run from the command line, errors (such as no matching files to process) now do not require manual intervention. They are available in the log if it is turned on. * If TextPipe cannot create a temporary file on the target drive (e.g. if it is a network drive), then it falls back to creating it on the local machine in %TEMP% and copies it across at the end of the job.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.5.1 - April 15, 2010

    * Fixed bug with HTML filter when 'Include text' is unchecked, the restriction is designed to match text between open and close tags, and the open tag has no text after the tag name e.g. ...

    What's New in TextPipe v8.5 - April 7, 2010

    * Split filename can now include macros using @varname syntax. * Database filter now copes with multiple record sets from a single query. * Changed installer to not require admin, for Vista and Windows 7. * TextPipe now does not require admin rights to run - which in Windows Explorer: - restores ability to double-clicking a filter to open it - restores the TextPipe context menu - restores drag and drop. * Clipboard input and output can now both be in Unicode format. * New COM method terminate() to allow filters to be stopped when called from execute() or executeClipboard(). * TextPipe Engine now supports the Split CPU filter. * Fixed bug that occurred with T-Filters and Uppercase/Lowercase filters. The Upper/Lower filters overwrote memory so that modified text could occur in the alternate stream of the T-Filter. * Fixed filter 'Restrict to filenames matching pattern'.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.9.1 - February 24, 2010

    * Mainframe copybook filter - now displays a red bar at column 72 - any data beyond here gets truncated in line with mainframe commenting standards. * COM function addSimpleFilter() now exports the isUnicode option. * Much more complex pattern matches now allowed - increased limit of capturing patterns from 99 to 65535. * Removed environment variable capability from the split filename because of conflicts with %f, %e and %d macros for the file name, extension and number.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.9 - February 18, 2010

    * Mainframe copybook filter - alpha fields now have quotes added around them, and existing quotes are doubled up to escape them. * Environment variables now allowed in the split filename.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.8 - December 3, 2009

    * Added [alphanumeric] and [numeric] to EasyPatterns. * Fixed validation when a Restrict to Filename NOT matching filter was missing subfilters. * Fixed bug in invocation from shell extension.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.7 - November 27, 2009

    * Modified TextPipe and TextPipe Engine so that error messages are now available through the ErrorText variable when called via COM. * Output file size was missing from the log.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.6 - November 24, 2009

    * Fixed Unicode Search/Replace error that caused file corruption beyond 64Kbytes.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.5 - November 20, 2009

    * Fixed error with clearing of output strings.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.4 - November 18, 2009

    * Script errors that occur at Run Time are now logged as warnings in the log rather than stopping the filtering. * Fixed error with parsing of output strings.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.3 - November 5, 2009

    * Fixed shell extension not starting filters correctly.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.2 - October 29, 2009

    * New 'Prepare Query' option for database filter to make SELECTs more compatible. * Fixed elapsed time display when duration was less than 1 second. * New Edit Menu\Preference to control if Word Wrap is on by default in edit controls. * New command line option /fromshellext to indicate if a filter is being run from the Windows Explorer shell extension. Existing files in a filter triggered from Windows Explorer are now cleared and a warning given. * Added new COM function addMainframeCopybookFilter() to recreate Mainframe Copybook Filters. * New installer should allow overwrite of existing installs and/or uninstall without reboot.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4.1 - October 13, 2009

    * Files to Process, and Search and Replace List filenames can now be specified relative to the current filter's path. * Improvements to Customize Shell Extensions dialog. * New option for Grep filter to ignore empty matches.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.4 - October 6, 2009

    * New pre-compiling of replace expressions for faster replacing. * New 'Break on Change' option for captured variables makes debugging far easier. * Revamped the simultaneous search/replace filter to work with lists of 300,000+ replacements. New Longest First option. * Copybook filter now copes with nested OCCURS where the nesting contains only one field (special case). * Copybook filter now copes with OCCURS DEPENDING fields. * Copybook filter now outputs the header only once - very useful inside the restrictions that are required for processing variable format files. * Copybook wizard - fixed disabling of trailing delimiter on last field. * New command line option /CLOSEONCOMPLETION - which closes the filter window when a thread completes. This is typically used with a /Z command line file and a large set of filters. * New option for Count Duplicates Filter to change the format of the results - e.g. put tab between the count and the string, reverse the order etc. * Grep filter now has an option to match UTF-8 characters for Unicode text. * Convert to Word List filter now allows words with numbers such as Catch-22, 24-7, 5th, 7-Eleven etc. * Remove duplicate lines AND Count duplicate lines filters now do not require that the duplicate lines be adjacent (i.e. that the list is pre-sorted). However, it now has the restriction that it cannot speedily remove or show duplicates from files LARGER than main memory. * Grep filter has now been changed so that it does NOT match empty lines. * TextPipe is now much faster when logging is disabled. * TextPipe no longer records output file names beyond a count of 10000. These filenames are only used for .BAK file recovery, and they cause a performance slow down when millions of files are being processed. * Fixed function for removing empty output files. The input file was being deleted if the output file had zero size. * Fixed problem with duplicate data appearing in large sorts requiring merge files with 2 or more merge stages. * Reverted handling of blank fields/blank lines to pre 8.3.5 handling. Pad to Width and Add Left Margin filters cannot be used for blank fields (use an Add Footer filter to give a blank field some width first). * Fixed bug in HTML Restriction filter where the action of the 'Include start and end tag' option was inverted.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3.7 - July 17, 2009

    * New Simultaneous search replace option for Filters\Search\Search and Replace List Filter- use when your search and replace terms overlap each other e.g. replace 1->7, 7->10, 10->1. * Copybook filter now recognises field names starting with numerics e.g. 14B- DATE. * Copybook filter now copes with nested OCCURS, and numbers the generated field names correctly. * New 'Copy to Clipboard' option when a hex dump is displayed from a field's context menu. * New Output filter option to remove empty output files (those with a size of 0 KB).

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3.6 - June 24, 2009

    * Fixed performance of Trim option of mainframe copybook filter.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3.5 - May 5, 2009

    * Fixed handling of blank fields when using Restriction Filter and a subfilter such as Pad to Width, or Add Left Margin. * Fixed file modification detection when using subfilters of a Search/replace or HTML Restriction filter. * Fixed memory leak that occurred when the Skip Binary files option was used. * Fixed VBScript/JScript code generated - missing end of line for TPWindow.inputDeleteFiles.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3.4 - April 23, 2009

    * Fixed bug with [Delete BAK files] button not being enabled. * Installer changes to support Vista better.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3.3 - March 27, 2009

    * Fixed bug with Converting Excel spreadsheets to text when the output was set to the clipboard. * If logging is enabled, a setting of 'Don't log to file if line count is less than' = 0 now causes all lines to be logged, rather than none. To disable logging, uncheck the logging flag. This primarily affects calling filters from the TextPipe Engine. * The copying of all predefined global variables from the command line (@name=value) now occurs no matter how the filter is called. * Enhanced Windows Explorer Context Menu handler to better handle huge sets of files (20,000+).

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3.2 - March 5, 2009

    * Fixed bug in using UNC paths \\server\share etc - these conflicted with the environment variable parser's desire to eliminate duplicate \\ * Changed Directory scanning routines to allow files with any attributes.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3.1 - March 2, 2009

    * Fixed bug in using external reference file for Replace->Search/replace list

    What's New in TextPipe v8.3 - February 24, 2009

    * Now recognizes the VALUE clause in mainframe copybooks. * EasyPatterns CSVfield, TABfield and Pipefield now handle unquoted fields correctly. * Macros can now include environment variable values e.g. @ENV_OS inserts the text 'Windows_NT' on an NT system. * Filenames specified in TextPipe can now make use of embedded environment variables using e.g. %PROGRAMFILES%, %TEMP% syntax. - Search/replace list filter - Log filename - Execute filter input/output filename and command to run - Sound to play on completion, and default editor - Add Left/Right Margin, Header/Footer, Add Text Side by Side - Output filter new extension, new output folder and single output filename - Merge and Link filters. * New Output Filter option for No Output - the filtering is used for its side effect only.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.2.3 - December 16, 2008

    * Now recognizes the new Office 2007 format .xlsx (e.g. search/replace lists). * Fixed line count statistics displaying -1 for subfilters that are never invoked. * Default is now to process compressed files (.zip, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx). * Restored play sound on completion for command line filters.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.2.2 - December 15, 2008

    * Removed playing a sound in non-interactive mode (from command line or from COM). * Interactive error messages are now disabled when TextPipe is called from the command line or from COM (when TextPipe.visible = false).

    What's New in TextPipe v8.2.1 - December 9, 2008

    * Removed file copy on first run from Engine version.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.2 - November 25, 2008

    * New option to allow/prevent processing of files inside Compressed files such as .ZIP, .DOCX, .XLSX and .PPTX. * [Copy lines to log file] button now also adds a log message to make the log file easy to open. * Right-clicking the log results now shows an option to copy the log lines to the clipboard. * Clearer warning for interactive logging ending. * Fixed EasyPatterns for CSVField, TabField and PipeField to avoid stack overflows. * 'Include the start and end tag' option of HTML filter was reversed.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.12 - October 21, 2008

    * 'Output Filter\Open output on completion' now opens all output files, not just the last one. * Better handling of copybook Comp3CanBeUnsigned option. * Now traps numeric conversion errors when sorting floating point values such as 1e-9999. * Word concordance now has correct default for the output format, and the found word is now correctly positioned in the context, and capitalized.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.11 - October 6, 2008

    * Fixed buffer underrun problem with search/replace filter, where maximum match sizes larger than 4KB were not correctly performed.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.10 - September 8, 2008

    * New 'Paste File List from Clipboard' button on Files To Process tab. * Files to Process grid is now refreshed after loading a File List. * Embedded Help is now loaded correctly from the application folder. * URLs can now be inserted or loaded from a File List without being interpreted incorrectly as filenames.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.9 - August 26, 2008

    * Fixed flushing of T-filter child filters.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.8 - August 25, 2008

    * Added new 'T-filter' to copy the data and process it in a different branch without affecting the main branch. * Changed Unicode filter Unicode to Escaped ASCII to also convert Latin (128- 255) characters to escaped \Uxxxx format. * Improved right-clicking in filter tree to first select the node that is right-clicked on. * Improved handling of invalid zip files.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.7 - July 19, 2008

    * Fixed problem loading replace filters from versions 7.8.3 and older with \@ or \$ in the replacement text.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.6 - July 9, 2008

    * Added new filter to Restrict to UTF-8 files.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.5 - July 2, 2008

    * Fixed bug with named parameters in search/replaces - if a subexpression was not captured then any remaining named parameters would have no value and corresponding global variables would not be set.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.4 - June 24, 2008

    * Clipboard output now shows a non-zero size. * Statistics are now reset correctly when a filter has subfiters. * Copy to log button now correctly re-enabled when a job starts for the second time.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.3 - June 16, 2008

    * Improved internal patterns used by the HTML filter to prevent stack overflow errors.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.2 - May 27, 2008

    * Fixed bug where /Q and /MINIMIZED were not recognised when placed in a /Z= command file. * Fixed bug where subfilters of Restrict to Matching lines were not called when a count of matching lines was being output. * Fixed discrepancies between docs, TextPipe and TextPipe Engine for addSecondaryOutputFilter() function, output options and for filenames in the File Grid.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1.1 - April 29, 2008

    * Fixed error using a Search/Replace action of 'Send variable X to subfilter' when the previous replacement text had been set to '$0'.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.1 - April 21, 2008

    * Improved handling of non-DOS EOL files - TextPipe now checks if your filter has an EOL Conversion filter before offering to add one for you. * Link filters can now use a path relative to the current filters path (previously this was relative to the TextPipe installation path). This makes them far easier to link to. * The Capture Filter now allows variable names containing digits. * Globals can now be set on the command line using the syntax @name=value with a space between each set of values.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.9 - March 25, 2008

    * New extended logging for Remove Blank Lines, Remove Blanks from Start/End of Line.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.8 - March 18, 2008

    * New notice level message if MS Word or Excel files are processed using the evaluation version. * If Remove/Restrict Delimited Field filters remove fields from the end of the line, TextPipe now removes any hanging delimiters. * The Convert Excel files to Text filter now converts all sheets, not just the first one.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.7 - March 5, 2008

    * Zoned decimal conversions now allow positive and negative signs.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.6 - February 20, 2008

    * When run from the command line, TextPipe now does not show a dialog on errors such as a filter file could not be loaded. An exit code is set and the log file written instead. * Fixed a bug where the Analyse function on the Files Grid did not return a result.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.5 - February 14, 2008

    * Fixed a bug where the Copybook Filter used the wrong parser if PIC was preceded by a tab instead of a space. * Copybook Filter now copes with 'PIC GROUP' syntax.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.4 - February 13, 2008

    * Capture filter can now resets at the beginning of the file, at the beginning of each region or both.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.3 - February 4, 2008

    * Right-clicking a filter now shows a 'Help on this filter' link which quickly takes you to the help file without needing to add the filter. Using Help\Embedded Help also constantly updates to show you help on the current filter. * The Status tab is now displayed by default when filters are run from the command-line or from Windows Explorer. * Mainframe filters now insert implied decimals correctly when the fields are blank padded. * Folder overload prevention for the split filter now triggers at 1000 files (was 10000).

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.2 - January 9, 2008

    * Now warns if the user tries to use the Trial Run area to process a Mainframe Copybook (a file must be used). * Task Menu filters now open a status window so that progress and/or errors can be reviewed. * The evaluation version (even an expired version) can now be used to check if a filter is compatible with the Pro, Standard or Lite version. * The Restrict to Filename filter (used to rename files on the fly) now skips processing filenames inside zip/docx/xlsx/pptx files.

    What's New in TextPipe v8.0.1 - October 30, 2007

    * Fixed implied decimal inserted in wrong position for zoned decimal fields.

    What's New in TextPipe v8 - October 24, 2007

    * The Status Window now forms a new tab of the Filter Window - making it easier to refer to results. The results log is now also far easier to read.
  • The Mainframe Copybook Filter (new) and Wizard (deprecated) - now handle OCCURS without TIMES when the repeating field is an unnamed PIC. - now handle masks like PIC 9999/99/99 - these are treated just as an Alpha field, in this case, PIC X(8). No mask substation is performed. * The Mainframe Copybook Filter now generates numbered field names when the fields are inside a repeated group. This wizard does not do this, but the field header can be manually edited. * Improved the EasyPatterns CSVfield, TABfield, PipeField, HTMLtag, HTMLstartTag, HTMLendTag, QuotedString so that they are much faster.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.11 - October 24, 2007

  • Fixed bug with Search/Replace in Exact mode, if the Action was set to 'Remove', the text was not actually removed. * Added collection and logging of statistics to Lite and Standard editions.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.10 - October 19, 2007

  • Log filenames are now displayed with an absolute path to make them easier to locate. When [Copy Lines to Log File] is clicked in the Status Window, now ALL lines are copied. * Fixed handling of invalid .zip files. * Convert MS Word/Excel documents to text - better handling of MS Word/Excel failures. * Improved status dialog with single tab display. * Log files now combine date and time into single field.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.9 - October 8, 2007

    * Fixed output of implied decimal values for Mainframe Copybook conversions.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.8 - September 27, 2007

    * Fixed binary file detection logic.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.7c - September 18, 2007

    * Fixed handling of last file in compressed Office 2007 formats (docx, xlsx, pptx).

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.7b - September 12, 2007

    * Fixed script generation for addUnicodeConversionFilter2. * Fixed COM function TextPipeFilter.compiledFilterStartJob. * Grep functions can now match blank lines using the pattern ^$. * Fixed Copybook Filter choosing incorrect parser if 'pic' used rather than 'PIC'. Copybook Filter now accepts field names that include spaces. Parse tree output now includes periods so that it is still a valid copybook. Fixed field width for P (Packed) type when using alternate style copybooks.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.7 - September 4, 2007

    * The File Input's Binary detection now correctly identifies Unicode files, Zip files and Microsoft Office 2007 file formats (.DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX) as non- binary.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.6a - August 29, 2007

    * Debug Mode of Copybook Filter now shows field length and start and stop columns. Copybook Filter now handles OCCURS after the PIC definition. * New internal editor for reviewing text files.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.6 - August 24, 2007

    * Zip files - now processes and updates data stored inside compressed files such as .zip, and Microsoft Office 2007 file formats such .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX etc. * Word conversion filter now clears previous results in case of error, and disables macros during run. * Removed 64k limitation on string data saved to registry, fixed error with string data over 64k not being allowed.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.5 - August 10, 2007

    * Fixed Width Wizard now accepts both and - formats. * Now uses updated pattern match library to resolve regex problems.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.4 - August 1, 2007

    * New status window option to Delete backup files (in addition to restoring backup files). Status window now warns you if you attempt to close it before dealing with backup files. * Better warning message for invalid file patterns in the Files to Process grid. * Copybook REDEFINE clause now allows an optional trailing period.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.3 - June 22, 2007

    * New Word Concordance filter under Filters\Convert. * New filter Restrict to Blocks of Lines - useful for adding text after every XX lines. * Reinstated Filters menu for accessibility, and File Menu items Link to Filter, Insert a Filter, Search for a filter. * Refined the pattern generated by filter Restrict to Between Tags. * Script filter now works with PerlScript engine - all function validation is disabled.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.2 - June 12, 2007

    * Added semi-colon (;) as an output format for the Mainframe Copybook Wizard and Fixed Width Wizard. * Added error for blank text in the Mainframe Copybook Filter. * Fixed incorrect length detection for signed zoned decimal in the Mainframe Copybook Wizard (the Copybook Filter used the correct result). * Reinstated wizard on startup.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9.1 - May 31, 2007

    * Fixed pattern generated by filter Restrict to Between Tags. * The default filter Normal.fll is now loaded from the Documents folder regardless of which folder TextPipe is started from. * C:\ is now not used as a temporary folder, instead it is requested from Windows. * Maps are now retrieved from the Documents folder. * Code page functions are now unavailable under Windows NT. * New prompt for language on first run.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.9 - May 28, 2007

    * New Multi-Processor support (in Server version) with Filters\Special\Switch CPUs to direct filtering to different CPUs. This enables massive performance enhancements for large data crunching tasks. * Vista install support. * Now detects Unix files being loaded into Trial Run area, and warns the user and offers to add an End-Of-Line conversion filter. * Mainframe Copybook Wizard - fixed incorrect implied decimal. - has been completely re-written as a filter. The parser now shows the line number of any parse error, handles INDEXED BY clauses, logs warning if invalid record at end of file, XML output option. - now handles non-PIC style copybooks * TextPipe now highlights the filter in error correctly, taking into account comment filters. * New macro @filterFilename to output the filter filename. TextPipe.filterFilename is also available in the scripting filter. * Comment filters are now shown in green italics to make the filter list more readable. * Fixed pattern generated by filter Restrict to Between Tags. * An inability to log messages to the log file now causes a Windows Event Log. * Tightened up the Analyse File Format function to correctly identify BOM and DOS End-Of-Lines in files. * Fixed intermittent /Q Exit On Completion switch. This only occurred on fast CPUs when a new processing thread started and finished before (!) the main thread processed the /Q command. * Fixed EasyPattern bracket optimization. Now shows the line number of any error, and fixed [PhoneNumber] pattern. * Fixed Perl/EasyPattern exception with named captured variables and Prompt on Replace was turned on, when the named captured variable did not match anything. * Removed remaining memory Info log item on Merge Sort.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.13

    * Mainframe Zoned Decimal expansion now allows negative to be coded with '2' or '5'. * Comment and Scripting filters now get display of special characters turned off by default. * Mainframe Wizard now removes the trailing delimiter on the last field.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.12

    * Explorer Context Menu now shows the filename without the extension. * Convert Excel to CSV filter now does not use a TEMP file in C:\ * Mainframe Copybook Wizard now - correctly discards INDEXED BY statements. - removes the FILLER header associated with removed FILLER fields. - VALUE lines are now ignored rather than causing a warning. * Windows from TextPipe.Alert calls now allow the filter to be cancelled.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.11

    ? * Fixed bug with handling of Replace Action of 'Send $x to subfilter'. * Fixed bug with HTML filter removing the Restricted text.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.10

    * New 'Action' field for Search/Replaces, with the default being just 'Replace', as before. The new field allows the matched value to be Removed, to be sent to subfilters, or send just part of the matched value, such as $1- $9. It also allows NON-matching text to be subfiltered, making it very easy to process text outside bracketed expressions * New Output Filter options: - Only Output Modified Files has been extended to allow the original files to be deleted if they have been changed. This is very useful for repeated processing of files to different output folders. - Ignore Initial Folder - when the folder structure is being maintained, this allows the start folder to be removed from the destination folder name. * EasyPatterns now support named capturing using the syntax: [ capture( ... ) as 'VarName' ] * Optimized the Head/Tail filter when Including Bytes from the End of a file. * The Filters Remove Lines From List and Extract Lines From List now do not recognize special characters such as \. This is so that lists of filenames with backslashes can be pasted in. * File Grid 'Ignore' option renamed to 'Disable'. File Grid now allows files to be excluded by perl regex pattern or EasyPattern. * Replace List filter now allows Find/Replace strings to be Swapped, and the list to be reversed - very useful if you apply changes to your data and then reverse them at the end of the filter list.
  • Fixed bug with the Restrict to Filenames Matching Pattern filter - the filename was not being passed to subfilters, so double-level filename restrictions did not work - the patterns were incorrectly unescaped before being parsed, so patterns with backslashes were not correctly interpreted. * If too much data is sent to the Clipboard, TextPipe now traps the error and limits the text to 10MB. * Fixed bug with Restrict to Lines in Pattern list - the patterns were incorrectly unescaped before being parsed, so patterns with backslashes were not correctly interpreted. * Added scripting functions TextPipe.fullOutputFilename, TextPipe.FilterWindow, TextPipe.Application. * Added COM functions FilterWindow.Application, FilterWindow.outputFileCount, FilterWindow.outputFile() and FilterWindow.outputFileTask(). * Now warns against CSV or Tab data containing ASCII 26 when converting to XML (remove or change using a map or Search/Replace filter). * Fixed EasyPattern for [EmailAddress]. * Updated Extract\Email addresses filter. * Fixed bug in Match Between HTML tags - Match Case was being set to On rather than using the displayed setting.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.9

    * Increased maximum stack size to eliminate Stack Overflow errors. * Fixed bug in Capture Text filter where the new captured value was only set at the end of a file.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.8

    * Processing is now suspended when you hit [Cancel]. * Added TextPipe.exe path to Run... path. * Fixed bug - the Mainframe Copybook Wizard no longer tries to replace delimiters in the input file. It was replacing delimiters even inside packed decimal fields.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.7

    * Fixed parsing of replace expressions including \x24 (a $ sign). * Mainframe Copybook Wizard new options - Remove Filler fields, Include header. The Wizard now records option settings in the Comment output.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.6

    * Fixed sort function not working when start column <> 1 and length < 4096. * Extract email addresses now ignores '&'.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.5

    * Loading a search/replace list from Microsoft Excel now allows Unicode values. * The grep filter now always reports the output file as being 'modified', preventing confusing behaviour with the 'Only output modified files' Output Filter option. A change of filename from input to output now also results in a file being written, regardless of any changes.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.4

    * Mainframe Copybook Wizard now handles PIC fields both before and after OCCURS xx TIMES for single field OCCURS statements. * Optimized tree updating as field data is changed. * Changed install paths for Windows Vista.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.3

    * New internal function TextPipe.finishedWithFile() to halt any further reading of the current input file. * New TextPipe.Application function isBinaryFile() to detect if a file is binary or not. * Updated memo editor and pattern matching engine to fix bugs in third-party components. * Fixed EasyPattern handling of EBCDIC() function. * Fixed hex dump filter outputting the last line twice. * Fixed handling of Compress to EBCDIC Packed Decimal. * Fixed bug converting old replace patterns of form $1$2$3 to new form of $1$$2$$3.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.2

    * New filter to Add a Line at a given line number. * Fixed bug with EasyPatterns not returning all of a captured expression. * Unicode conversion filter now makes use of the 'error' character. * Mainframe copybook filter now copes with INDEXED BY statements, and better handles nested OCCURS.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8.1

    * Escaped Unicode now outputs \uXXXX instead of \u+XXXX.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.8

    * New option to show special characters such as spaces, tabs and line feeds. * New option - triple-clicking a line selects the whole line. * New filter to convert Filters\Convert\UTF16-LE to Escaped Unicode (ASCII + UCN \U) e.g. \u402d\u403d * The file list can now contain http://, ftp:// and gopher:// urls to download directly. * The user is now given the option to manually start Word or Excel if they are not running when TextPipe needs them (with the Convert Word/Excel Document to Text filters). * Pattern matches can now name captured variables for use in the replacement text e.g. searching for (?P\d+) would then allow the macro @dollars to be used in the replacement, and also as a global anywhere else in the filter list. * Far more complex patterns can be processed, with support for up to 99 captured variables, from $1-$99. * New 'File\Send to...' function for filter lists. * New Fixed Width to Delimited Output wizard - makes converting fixed width files to CSV, Tab simple.
  • Mainframe Copybook Wizard now allows underscores (_) and single quotes (') in field names in 'XXX_XXXX 4 AN 1-4'-type copybooks. Wizard now removes the content of fields called FILLER*. Wizard now copes with repeated single-fields, as well as GROUPED OCCURS. EBCDIC packed decimal fields can now have either a leading sign, trailing sign or no sign. New option to trim leading spaces and zeroes from fields. New option to only expand numeric fields - Alpha fields are left unchanged. This is useful when the target application can accept EBCDIC data but can't handle packed decimals. New option to allow COMP-3 to be unsigned. Wizard can now cope with removing line numbers and commented copybook lines (those with a '*' in column 7). Wizard can now cope with field definitions spread over multiple lines. Wizard now remembers settings between uses in a single session. Expand Binary Number to EBCDIC filter now outputs a fixed width result. Expand Unsigned EBCDIC filters now output a space for invalid digits A-F. * EasyPatterns now produce optimized perl regex output. Added EasyPattern EBCDIC('') for matching EBCDIC values. Fixed parsing error with ASCII() function. Now handles back references to groups 1-99. Fixed DayNumber insisting on leading zero. EBCDIC() and ASCII() functions can now be used in conjunction with not ... as character classes. * Hex displays now all use '.' to replace space. Query replace window now shows hex offsets for Hex Dump display. * Convert Word Document to Text/Convert Excel Spreadsheets to Text now support Unicode output as an option. Follow this with Convert UTF-16 to UTF-8 to process these files using normal filters. * New File Shred filter to completely overwrite file contents. Run repeatedly for more shredding. * Unicode property tables for pattern matching updated to Unicode 4.1.0, and matching engine updated to PCRE 6.4. * Split filter now can split at a pattern. New Split Filter option to avoid overloading directories. When more than 10000 files are created, TextPipe starts a new folder. Fixed bug where \\ could appear in split output filename. * Filter list tree now auto-scrolls. Filter list tree now allows mass enable/disable of filters with select and right-click. * New Filters to Add File Headers/Footers. Unlike the existing Header/Footer filters, these filters only output once per file even when included inside a restriction. * Now can drag and drop filters between filter lists in different windows. * Filters Add Header/Footer/Left Margin/Right Margin now always check for @macros embedded in the text, regardless of whether the text comes from the memo or an external file. * Fixed bug with search/replaces where an internal conversion from ansi to Unicode and back could result in high-ansi characters not being mapped correctly back to their original characters. In particular, the ansi (tm) symbol mapped back to TWO characters.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.7.4

    * @macros are now allowed in the replace field of a search/replace. Note: If you load a filter from an older version, '@' will be escaped to '@@'. The Confirm Replace dialog now shows the values of all global and user- defined @macros. * Warning for Excel or Word documents now disabled. * Fixed Seller's Edit Distance search/replace not working. * Fixed bug in Mainframe Copybook Wizard for length of signed Packed Decimal fields.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.7.3

    * No longer deletes current output file when processing is cancelled and the file is being appended to.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.7.2

    * TextPipe now works with DataPipe successfully.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.7.1

    * To prevent accidental overwriting of files, the default path for the Output Filter's Single File Output, and the Merge Filter path are now set to blank. * Removed the support for quoted tab data. Tab data does not need quotes! * Fixed error with deleting filters. * Fixed error entering custom delimiter when '\t' was entered.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.7

    * Ultra-fast sorting of huge files (100MB in less than 30 seconds); control over maximum memory used - for shared servers. * Convert Excel spreadsheets to CSV format. * Control which filters are applied to which file types with the new Filename Restriction filter - apply filters to say *.doc files, or *.xls etc. * Handle more types of Mainframe data than ever before, with the improved Mainframe Copybook Wizard: - discarding line numbers from pasted copybooks - now handles null packed and zoned numeric fields - now outputs invalid digits in packed or zoned numerics as their hex equivalents - now adds filters to trim leading and trailing space from fields, and leading '+' signs from numerics - can now choose output format between Fixed, CSV, Tab- and Pipe-delimited - now can add leading zeroes to numeric fields where the implied position is greater than the field width - output format now includes a record header, which makes it far easier to validate the output file and import the file into a database - new filters for unpacking odd/even-length unsigned packed numerics, and for decoding overlapped unsigned packed numerics - delimiters are removed from the input file first to prevent extra fields being created. * Easily Extract Text Between Delimiters with the new Web-based Filter Wizard. * Review results easily - New Output Filter option to open the output file on completion. - Open output files easily with clickable links in the Status Dialog. * Set the Error Character for Unicode and Code Page conversions when there is no appropriate character in the target encoding. * For precision automation, control TextPipe's pause before exit with the new /Q=millisecond option. * Accept pasted Unix text in the Search/replace filter. * Easily match day names, day numbers and arbitrary characters using the new EasyPatterns [dayname], [daynumber] and [ascii()] function which inserts arbitrary ASCII codes in hex (eg $ff) or decimal (e.g. 255) format. EasyPatterns now accept counts and quantities in either hex or decimal format. * Numbers lines across files, with the 'Don't Reset At End Of File' option of the Line Numbering filter. * Count occurrences of all lines, with the 'Include Counts Of 1' option of the Count Duplicate Lines filter. * Debug the output files of External programs using the 'Remove Output Files on Completion' option of the Execute Program Filter. * Store arbitrary text in the Scratch Pad - new Edit\Preference option. * Date and time macros now return consistent results across different localities - @time - Inserts the time in the format HHMMSS @date - Inserts the date in the format YYYYMMDD @datetime - Inserts the date and time in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS * When the right-click menu 'Save' option is selected, TextPipe now saves the text exactly as is without interpreting special characters. * TextPipe now prompts if you try and exit while a thread is running, and asks for confirmation if you click [Cancel]. * When a list of perl patterns is loaded or used, TextPipe now shows the line number of any error when a pattern parsing error occurs. * The grep form's context menu now displays EasyPatterns or perl patterns according to the pattern type selection. * When new filters are added or duplicated they become selected. New filters are now added with blank fields, and for the Search/Replace filter, the extra options are set to defaults. After deleting a filter, the next filter is now selected. * The Options panel of the filter tree now scrolls to display buttons that are not visible. * Better handling of files that are missing or open in another process. * Fixed Range Check error with optimization of 1:1 maps. * Fixed Single File Output - didn't force creation of folders for output file. * Fixed Windows Explorer shell extension - was starting the filter one row down from the correct one. * Fixed bug where Extract URLs filter would miss a URL on the very last line. * Fixed merge sorting bug (only for very large files) where processing never ended, and duplicates were not removed.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.6.3

    * New macro @fullOutputFilename. May be blank if the clipboard is being processed. * Fixed deadlock between threads that was slowing down the processing when the TextPipe.Application object was called from code. * Fixed Windows Explorer Content Menu not appearing.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.6.2

    * Fixed bug with grep filters where Match Case option was not recognised. * Standardized help text and labels for grep filters. * Fixed bug with conversions between ANSI and ASCII. * Fixed bug with delimited field parser when it encountered a ' or " in the middle of the field. * Fixed bug with clipboard button not being acted on correctly.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.6.1

    * New filters to Restrict to ANSI files, and Restrict to Unicode UTF16 files and Unicode UTF32 files. These are exceptionally handy for only converting ANSI files to Unicode, or only converting Unicode files to ANSI. * New filter to convert PDF documents to text format. * Menu re-organization: Email menu replaced by new Extract menu, encodings moved to Convert menu. 'Retain...' items renamed to 'Extract...'. * New macros @randomdigit and @randomletter - very useful for generating test data or for generating random sort keys. * New Explorer extension option to Analyse files - detect if they are Unicode, ANSI, etc. * Reverse File performance improvement.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.6

    * New Unicode filters for Upper case, Lower case and Title case. * Speed improvements for handling very large files. * New Expand All/Collapse All menu on All Filters view. * New scripting function to build filters to convert a Mainframe Copybook. Copybook wizard now inserts a warning for each unidentified field, making incorrect fields easy to identify. * New warning message if no files were found to process. * Filters\Convert\Numeric HTML entities To Text filter now converts output characters to UTF-8. The resulting text can then be converted from UTF-8 to UTF-16 for display. * Menu items for common grep and conversion filters in the Wizard menu. Wizard menu now is always expanded. * Memo and text fields now use the fixed width font. * Unicode and code page conversions now do not load the entire file into memory, they convert the file progressively. * Updated Simplified Chinese translation. * Help text added to the Unicode/Code page conversion filter. * Moved Hex and HTTP encode/decode to the Convert menu. * Fixed pasting of text into a memo's Find window.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.5.1

    * Drag and drop now prevents nodes being dropped on filters that do not support subfilters. * Unicode replacement now reverses the order of Match Case to be correct. * Reverted help system to old style.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.5

    * New Restrict to lines from list/lines NOT from list and Restrict to lines matching pattern list/lines NOT matching pattern list. New Match Case option for these filters too. * EasyPatterns for Month and MonthName now do not automatically capture. * Mainframe Copybook Wizard now copes with OCCURS where the number of repetitions is fixed. * New filter to convert numeric HTML entities to text e.g. · . New maps to convert text to decimal or hex HTML entities. * /CLEARFILTERS now removes all filters except the Log, Input and Output filters. This retains the default settings from normal.fll * /EXTENSION can now be set to blank to disable changing the extension. * Fixed Access Violation processing empty result sets. * Fixed load file list function.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.4.3

    * Now shows all available filters in a separate tree - these can be drag and dropped or double-clicked to move them into the filter tree. * Fix to Mainframe copybook filter to allow it to recognise field names that included digits followed by ' A'.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.4.2

    * Fixed bug with Unicode exact match and Unicode pattern match where extra characters were being output.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.4.1

    * Fixed bug with Unicode exact match and Unicode pattern match where search terms were not found.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.4

    * Mainframe copybook wizard is now more flexible in the data it matches, and handles COMP-3 field types, and handles numeric fields with purely decimals (eg V999). * New filters for code page conversion. * New filters for Unicode Compose and Decompose: NFC - Canonical Decomposition, followed by Canonical Composition NFD - Canonical Decomposition NFKD - Compatibility Decomposition NFKC - Compatibility Decomposition followed by Canonical Composition And Canonical Compose. * Now supports Unicode command line parameters. * Now supports single quoted CSV data, quoted tab data, and backslashes in quoted CSV or Tab data. Existing text delimiters are now preserved on conversion between CSV and Tab formats. The EasyPattern [tabfield] can now match quoted tab data. * The Restrict to HTML filter can now set the maximum match size - to match very large sections of HTML or XML. * Clarified examples in perl pattern right-click menus. * Speed optimization for interactive search/replace when [Replace Job] chosen. * When files are dropped, TextPipe defaults files to 'no subfolders'. * Simplified the Trial Run button - now it only performs a trial run, and does not toggle back to the Filters to Apply tab. * XSLT filter now correctly flags modified text - so output files get created when the 'Only Output Modified Files' flag is set. XSLT filter now reports the error code and error reason to the log if an error occurs. * Run External Program filter now reports in the log if the external program has a non-zero exit code. The output file handle is now released on error. * The Unicode Map filter's 'Replace With Value' string now supports special characters. * Encode Hex filter now does not add line feeds. * Right-click option Show Hex Dump now checks if the underlying field is Unicode or not before displaying data. A toggle between UTF16-LE and UTF16-BE is also available. * Reduced memory requirements of Database filter when SELECTing data sets. * Fixed database filter's handling of VarBinary (BLOB) data. * Database filter now handles subfilters correctly for encoding VarBinary data. * Fixed bug when referencing a CSV or Tab search/replace list where the replacement text was missing. A new error message now provides the line number of any errors. * Fixed bug with inserting captured text as an HTML table row, and added the ability to insert as an XML record. * Fixed bug with HTML help crashing TextPipe on exit. * Fixed bug with Input Filter, Prompt On Binary files setting, if 'No To All' was chosen TextPipe skipped ALL remaining files, not just binary files. * Fixed Unicode display of extended information in the Prompt on Replace dialog. Note: Unicode patterns do not support capturing- only $0 works. * Fixed Map filter not detecting Reset and Clear changes. * Fixed help file opening twice when F1 pressed. * Fixed mismatch of 16 and 32-bit Unicode strings when converting from ANSI or ASCII/OEM to Unicode and between code pages.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.3.1

    * Restored registry settings required by Offline Explorer. * Changed default for re-loading previous filter to Off. * Better exception handling for XSLT filter.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.3

    * New Mainframe Copybook wizard makes it incredibly easy to build a filter to process mainframe data. Handles packed, zoned, binary and display field types. * New filters to Expand Binary Number To ASCII and Expand Binary Number To EBCDIC. * Global dialogs now make use of popup menus to insert special characters etc.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.2.1

    * New filter to capture text to a global variable. This is much faster than using the Script filter to capture and then output text - which is the most common use of the Script filter. * New grid component for the Map filter - now supports far better range and mouse selection. * New option to automatically reopen the last filter. * The Replace Query dialog now has an extra tab to show a hex dump of the found text. This can be useful for debugging.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.2

    * Right-click menu for Replace field now provides easy insertion of captured data as Tab or CSV-delimited fields or HTML. * The Prompt On Replace dialog now displays the length of each captured expression. * EasyPatterns 1.9.1 - added [PipeField] and [Pipe] keywords. * Fixed error when manually choosing the Skip option to not replace text in a DBCS file - more than one character was added. Only occurs under DBCS versions of Windows (eg Chinese). * New error message when there are too many capturing expressions in a pattern. * Fixed bug with 'First row is header row' not being recognised for processing delimited data with embedded carriage returns.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1.7

    * Added short cut menu items for converting between Unicode/ANSI and Unicode/ASCII. * Added line number and offset properties to the TextPipe object available in the scripting filter. * Map filters now have a comment property to describe what they are doing. * EasyPatterns 1.9 - added keywords for [number, numbers, leftAngle, rightAngle, lessThan, greaterThan ] * Fixed restriction filters not supporting Secondary Output filters properly. * Fixed exact match filter not properly supporting Extract option, and not correctly handling text when 'Skip' was chosen.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1.6

    * Search/replace lists now detect inserts, deletes and moves as changes. The order of moved rows is now retained. * Fixed restriction filters not supporting Secondary Output filters properly. * Fixed EP keywords for [CRLF], [DOSNewLine], [EmailAddress] and [Hyperlink] * Fixed width font for Trial Run Input/Output is now correctly loaded.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1.5

    * EasyPatterns now allow repetition to be specified using the forms [2..3 ...] and [2-3 ...] in addition to [2 to 3 ...]. * Right-click menu item Escape Special Characters now works for EasyPattern fields. * Fixed format string error on filter export. * Fixed Search/Replace list -caused an error when it was opened. * Fixed Remove Byte Order Mark (BOM) filter when handling UTF-8 files.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1.4

    * Added right-click menu to EasyPattern fields to make designing patterns easier. * Added Line, Column and Length indicators to Search/replace filter. * A warning is now shown for trailing whitespace in the search text, which often results in the text not being found. * Added 5 second countdown before TextPipe exits due to /Q command line parameter. * Greatly improved performance for massive numbers of files- TextPipe no longer checks for duplicate filenames. * Fixed EasyPattern for [month,monthnumber,day,hour] so that they match the long version of the pattern first, then try the shorter variations. * Fixed range check errors with Compress packed/zoned decimal filters.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1.3

    * Fixed EasyPattern for [word] - previously matched non-word characters. * Fixed EasyPattern - '.' was not escaped - now fixed. * The Prompt On Replace dialog now shows the perl equivalent to an EasyPattern, for verification purposes.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1.2

    * Fixed access violation with changes to the Restrict to Bytes filter.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1.1

    * Improved Restrict to Bytes (Byte x to End-y) to handle unlimited amounts of data

    What's New in TextPipe v7.1

    * You can now set the field delimiter for the Restrict To Fields, Copy Fields, Move Fields and Delete Fields filters. This opens the way for semi-colon- delimited, #-delimited, !-delimited, ^-delimited and other bizarre data formats. * Added two new filters for compressing mainframe EBCDIC data to Packed Decimal and Zoned Decimal formats. * The Split filter can now set the first filename number. * Added new Insert Bytes filter to complement the Insert Columns filter. This new filter disregards line feeds when it adds text, and is very useful for inserting commas into EBCDIC text as the text is converted. * New documentation links in the Filter Menus. * Synchronized scrolling is now properly restored when a filter is loaded. * EasyPattern fixes to align with the EasyPattern documentation - [symbol, symbols] - removed the '!' - [space, spaces] changed to just matched ASCII 32, not tabs, line feeds etc - [horizontalwhitespace, hspace] - now only match space and tab - [verticalwhitespace, vspace, worddelimiter, linedelimiter, paragraphdelimiter] - now match formfeed - [anybracket, anybrackets] - now match { and } * EasyPatterns now will NOT attempt to combine OR'd negated and non-negated character sets, such as [ not lineChar or 'a' ] * HTML filter now matches tags when the tag name is immediately followed by a tab or newline, not just a space.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.8

    * Fixed EasyPattern handling of vertical tab (\v), which affects the keywords verticaltab, verticalwhitespace, vspace, worddelimiter, wordchar, columndelimiter, columnchar, linedelimiter, linechar, whitespace, word, line, and column. This problem still exists in the perl pattern library, and can be worked around by using \x0b instead of \v.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.7

    * Expand Zoned Decimal and Expand Packed Decimal filters are no longer added inside a Restriction filter. * Changed EasyPatterns for EmailAddress, HyperLink, PageNumber and DayOfYear so that the constituent parts are captured into $variables for later substitution. * Fixed EasyPattern for FormFeed. * Fixed handling of EBCDIC negative zoned decimals.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.6

    * Fixed bug with parsing of text with \x{...} characters.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.5

    * Fixed shell context items - the last item did not work. Also fixed the path for the Split File filter. * Fixed bug with Rolling back .BAK files - if the Only Output Modified Files option was on, it would delete original files.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.4

    * Unicode conversion filter was only outputting the Byte Order Mark for the first file.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.3

    * Added swap button to Unicode conversion filter. * Fixed Unicode conversion filter bug.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.2

    * Fixed Backup Mode behaviour when the .bak file already existed (now it is deleted).

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0.1

    * Fixed Hex Dump option for Edit Fields and File Grid.

    What's New in TextPipe v7.0

    * New Unicode (UTF-16LE) search and replace, with options for space compression and for ignoring non-spacing characters. * New Unicode (UTF-16LE) pattern matching. * Unicode conversion filter is now much simpler, as you just choose an input and output format in one step. * New XSLT filter for manipulating XML. * New file grid right-click menu items: - Analyze file - checks for various Unicode, XML, CSV and Tab delimited formats, Unix/PC/Mac end of line format and other file types - Hex dump - displays a hex dump of the first 200 characters of the file * Added \x{...} Unicode character matching for exact matches. This means that for a Unicode space you can type \x00000020 instead of \x00\x00\x00\x20. * Synchronized scrolling option for Trial Input and Output. * You can now control if the Trial Input and/or Output are treated as Unicode. * Optimized single byte maps for the special case of one output character for every input character. * Better help contexts for the 9 different search/replace types.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.9

    * Removed restriction on pattern recursion depth - this was causing Stack Overflow errors for legitimate expressions. * Fixed file grid ordering - if you moved rows around, TextPipe did not remember the new row position. * Fixed menu items for Remove, Copy and Move tab fields. These did not add the required filters. * Fixed help hyperlinks on Trial Run and Files tabs. * Fixed bugs in Unicode Make Little/Big Endian filters. * Fixed bug in Convert From Unicode filter, for when it encountered a character that could not be converted. It now outputs a space. * The EasyPattern [year] keyword now checks for a 4 digit year before checking for a 2 digit year. * Convert Word Document To Text filter now only closes the Active Document, avoiding the MS Word error message 'This method or property is unavailable because a document window is not active'. * Fixed line wrapping problem with the clipboard export text of several restrict-type filters. * Increased maximum stack size to cope with increased size of Unicode filters (and avoid Stack Overflows). * Fixed database filter not quoting char or date/time data fields.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.8.3

    * New filters for handling pipe-delimited files: Remove pipe fields Restrict to pipe fields Copy pipe fields Move pipe fields * Added EasyPattern keywords for slash, colon, hash, pound, percent, star, asterisk and ampersand. EasyPatterns now generate much better perl regexps. * EasyPatterns can now set the maximum expected match size - this allows them to match text larger than the default of 4K. * Increased processing speed for Trial Runs and Clipboard output. * Restrict to fields filters now export the settings for Process Fields Individually, Exclude Delimiter, Exclude Quotes. * Fixed EasyPatterns [month] and [monthname] to attempt to match a long month name (January, February) first, then a short month name (Jan, Feb). * Fixed bug with Context Grep with lines after the match. Matching lines at the end of the file were being omitted. * Fixed code for handling CSV, Tab and Pipe delimited files with header lines.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.8.2

    * Added new EasyPatterns for [ CSVfield ] and [ TABfield ]. * New Restrict to Byte Range filter - useful for expanding mainframe packed and zoned decimal fields. * New Delete Byte Range filter. * XML filter now has better matching of double and single quoted attributes. These filters now handle embedded double single or double quotes, quotes escaped with backslash, and embedded new lines. * Optimized expand packed decimal and expand zoned decimal for speed. * Fixed bug with swap UTF-16 and swap UTF-32 word order.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.8.1

    * Added Expand packed decimal and Expand zoned decimal filters. * Fixed handling of Restrict to between tags filter - under some conditions the trailing > of the start tag would be put in the replace result. * Fixed Copy CSV/Tab fields bug. When copied fields were appended, the delimiter was not inserted if the copy position was the next available field.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.8

    * Added Unicode functions - Remove BOM (Byte Order Mark) - Swap UTF-16 word order - Swap UTF-32 word order - Make Little Endian - Make Big Endian * Added 144 Unicode conversion functions to convert to and from: ARMSCII-8 ASCII BIG5 BIG5HKSCS C99 CES-BIG5 CES-GBK CNS-11643-1 CNS-11643-15 CNS-11643-2 CNS-11643-3 CNS-11643-4 CNS-11643-5 CNS-11643-6 CNS-11643-7 CNS-11643-INV CP1046 CP1124 CP1125 CP1129 CP1133 CP1161 CP1162 CP1163 CP1250 CP1251 CP1252 CP1253 CP1254 CP1255 CP1256 CP1257 CP1258 CP437 CP737 CP775 CP850 CP852 CP853 CP855 CP856 CP857 CP858 CP860 CP861 CP862 CP863 CP864 CP865 CP866 CP869 CP874 CP922 CP932 CP949 CP950 DEC-Hanyu DEC-Kanji EUC-CN EUC-jisx0213 EUC-JP EUC-KR EUC-TW GB18030 GB2312 GBK GEORGIAN-ACADEMY GEORGIAN-PS HP-ROMAN8 HZ ISO-2022-CN ISO-2022-CN-EXT ISO-2022-JP ISO-2022-JP1 ISO-2022-JP2 ISO-2022-JP3 ISO-2022-KR ISO646-CN ISO-646-JP ISO-8859-1 ISO-8859-10 ISO-8859-13 ISO-8859-14 ISO-8859-15 ISO-8859-16 ISO-8859-2 ISO-8859-3 ISO-8859-4 ISO-8859-5 ISO-8859-6 ISO-8859-7 ISO-8859-8 ISO-8859-9 ISO-IR-165 JAVA JIS_X0201 JIS_X0208 JIS_X0212 JOHAB Johab-Hangul KOI8-R KOI8-RU KOI8-T KOI8-U KSC-5601 MacArabic MacCentralEurope MacCroatian MacCyrillic MacGreek MacHebrew MacIceland MacRoman MacRomania MacThai MacTurkish MacUkraine MULELAO-1 NEXTSTEP RISCOS1 SHIFT-JISX0213 SJIS TCVN TDS565 TIS-620 UCS-2 UCS-2BE UCS-2-Internal UCS-2LE UCS-2-Swapped UCS-4 UCS-4BE UCS-4-Internal UCS-4LE UCS-4-Swapped UTF-16 UTF-16BE UTF-16LE UTF-32 UTF-32BE UTF-32LE UTF-7 UTF-8 VISCII * New context menu item to insert control characters like tabs and form feeds. * New context menu item to show a hex dump of the selected text. * Added logWarning to scripting model. * Added Cut/Copy/Paste to file grid context menu. * Added Tile function to Window menu. * The Convert Word Documents To Text filter now disables Word's screen display for faster processing. * The TextPipe Engine DLL now has a COM interface identical to TextPipe's, but removes most GUI operations for incredible speed. * Added alert() function to the internal TextPipe object of the scripting filter, so JScript functions can easily display debug dialogs. * EasyPatterns bug fixes and improved flexibility. In particular, the [char] keyword was fixed. * Several filters that should have allowed subfilters did not. Filters affected were: database filter, insert column filter, add left margin filter. * Fixed bug - the filename was being output even for non-matching lines, when context lines were included. * Fixed bug with partial trial run menu items including too many items. * Fixed bug with the filter tree allowing nodes to be pasted on the Input Filter, resulting in error-producing subfilters of the Input filter.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.7

    * EasyPatterns - English-like text patterns for mere mortals e.g. to match phone numbers, use [3 digits, punctuation, 3 digits, punctuation, 4 digits] As easy as that! * Many fantastic new HTML and XML filters!
  • Restrict a search/replace or other filters to an XML element, attribute or to text between XML tag pairs
  • Remove an XML element, attribute or XML tag pair. * New Restrict To Filename filter. This allows you to search and replace inside filenames, number and rename files and much more! * Very powerful new debugging feature - selective trial runs. You can select which filters are being tested without having to clone a piece of the filter. You can perform a Trial Run on:
  • Entire Filter List (current behaviour, default)
  • Selected Filter Only
  • Selected Filter and Sub-Filters
  • Filter List up to and including Selected Filter To see these new options, right-click on a filter in the tree view. * New Backup Mode - renames original files to .BAK. Easily restore originals with a single click in the Results window. * New Convert Word documents to text files filter. * Fixed bug when the Result window Cancel button was clicked twice in a row. * Fixed bug with pasting filter tree items that were copied from level 2 or deeper. * Fixed bug with the Windows Explorer Extension that showed the TextPipe menu multiple times. * Fixed bug with multiple consecutive Script filters not passing header text. * Fixed bug with Search/Replace Enable UTF-8 option and Extract option being swapped when saved. * Fixed loading of Unicode maps from .TAB and .CSV formats - blank fields were erroneously skipped.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.6.5

    * Fixed bug with Remove Duplicates option of Sorting filter not being respected.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.6.4

    * New macros @time, @date and @datetime. * Fixed bug with handling of CSV fields with more than one line embedded in a column.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.6.3

    * Vastly improved sorting performance for files larger than 50 MB. * Simplified user interface by removing 1. Comments tab (old comments are now inserted into the filter list as the first item) 2. Forcing the MDI child window to initially appear maximized, making it look like a SDI application. The window size can still be changed as before 3. Removed the title that appeared above the properties 4. Removing the scratch pad tab unless a loaded filter has text in the scratch area. * Added UTF-32 Unicode Maps * When Prompt On Replace is on, it can now be disabled during the search. Note - this does not update the tree view immediately, and if the filter is currently selected it has no effect. * The evaluation version provides a warning if the user attempts to modify Excel or Word documents. * Unicode maps can now append multiple map files together into one map. * Unicode maps can now log overlapping regions as warnings or errors. * Improved Unicode map timings for populating with Default or blank values. * Added multi-maps for mapping input Unicode to multiple output Unicode forms depending on command line parameters. * /MINIMIZED now examined before any other parameter, eliminating flicker. * Fix error when the file grid was selected in the askSam version. * Fix for Run Time version that prevented filter additions after a filter had been loaded with /F=.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.6.2

    * New File Grid context menu option to copy 100 Kbytes to the Trial Run Area. * Upgraded to PCRE 4.3 pattern matching library to fix assertions not working correctly. * Added warning message that not all filter types can be exported to the command line. * Tips and Wizard dialogs now allow filters being double clicked on from Windows Explorer to be loaded. * Tips and Wizard are only shown if a filter hasn't been automatically loaded. * Run Time version now disables sound by default and does not show a tray icon. * Filter overlay images are now updated correctly when a disabled sub filter is deleted.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.6.1

    * Added Exit Codes depending on the highest level of error logged. * New /EXPORTFILTERTOLOG command line option. * Changes to support TextPipe Engine file processing. * Trial Input now preserves Unix EOLs when a file is pasted or loaded. * Changed menu structure to make it easier for new users. Removed some icons from the toolbar. * Fixed Access Violations with Remove Lines Matching Perl Pattern filter, and on some random occasions, with Perl pattern matches. * Fixed code generation of setPerl() statement. * Fixed an extra blank line being inserted at the start of the next file after a Unicode file was processed.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.6

    * New filter supporting search/replace lists. The lists can either be specified in a grid, or they can be loaded dynamically from Excel, CSV or Tab-delimited file formats at run-time. * The file list now supports multiple file specifications separated by semi- colons eg c:\INetPub\*.html;*.txt;*.htm * The Split Files filter can now control how the output files are named. * Subtract entries in the file list are now shown in red, and Ignore entries (comments) shown in grey. * The Script filter now uses a Syntax highlighting editor to display VBScript, JScript, VBA, PerlScript and PythonScript code. It also allows separate default scripts to be saved for each language. * Unicode maps can now be loaded from and saved to Excel/CSV/Tab formats. Unicode filters are now far faster and can deal with undefined characters - such as removing them, replacing them with a custom string, sending them to a VBScript sub filter for specialized processing, or allowing them to pass through unchanged. * The filter tree view now supports Cut, Copy and Paste clipboard operations. There is also an undo action for the current filter. Filters can also be pasted into any application as a text export. * CSV and Tab-delimited files with CR/LFs embedded in fields are now handled correctly. New restriction filters can be used to remove the embedded CR/LFs. * CSV and Tab-delimited restricted filters can now remove the comma or tab field delimiters and the surrounding quotes to make it easier for sub filters to work with field data. Each field's data can now be processed individually rather than as a concatenation of field data. * Byte map lines where the output is different to the input are now shown in yellow. Byte maps can now scroll directly to the character you press on the keyboard - which makes finding mappings easier. * In the audit log, merge file filters now summarize the changes made by filters that follow them in the filter list. Split file filters also summarize the changes made. * GUI and internal changes to support the new French translation. * New command line options /CLEARCOMMENTS, /CLEARFILTERS, /SAVEFILTER, /LOGENABLE, /LOGMODE, /LOGTHRESHOLD, /PREPAREFILTERFORDISTRIBUTION, /SAVEFILTER, /PLAYSOUND. * When loading a list of commands from a command file with /Z=, comments can now be included in the file using a leading ';'. * Speed improvements for the GUI and for filter execution. * Audit logging now shows status for more filters including Scripts and Maps. The audit log text shown for search/replace filters now matches what is shown on the screen for ease of reference. * Various COM scripting changes to support new features, and to allow DataPipe to set the current directory. * Perl patterns now support UTF-8. * Convert end-of-lines filter now handles Mainframe CMS V- and F-format files (downloaded to PC in EBCDIC format). * Removed Rich Edit Memo controls - they caused RTF codes in plain text to be interpreted as fonts, and incorrectly added extra CR/LFs to Add Margins-type filters. * The file list had a bug where it added file entries more than once if they matched multiple file specifications in the same group. * Fixed bug with loading of single byte maps where the map was not actually loaded, from both the menu and from the map sub-form. Fixed Reverse function. * Unicode Maps - fixed problem where changes to the grid were not detected and saved. * Fixed bug with importing Excel and Tab-delimited search/replace lists. * Fixed bug with appending filters from the command line with multiple /F= appearing in reverse order. Fixed filters such as /Hx not being added.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.5.1

    * New filters - CSV to Tab-delimited, CSV to XML, Tab-delimited to CSV, Tab- delimited to XML. * Fixed error message when egrep pattern matcher encountered a \000 (null). Only perl patterns can handle nulls.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.5

    * Search and replace lists can be loaded easily using the Load List from Excel/Tab/CSV formats in the Replace menu. * The Task Bar Menu and Map Menu now display sub folders of the TaskMenu and Maps folders, and sort all the filenames and folder names shown. This makes it very easy to categorize these maps and filters into folders. * If a filter has one or more of its sub filters disabled, a red slash is shown through its icon in the tree view. This makes it easy to find filters where disabled sub filters are hidden from view. A disabled filter still has a red cross through its icon in the tree view. * Custom patterns can now be defined in the file custom_patterns.txt in the TextPipe.exe folder. The patterns can be added through the right-click menus on every field. * Sorting can now handle files of unlimited size. Previously sorting was restricted to using physical and virtual memory. * New sorting options for date and time, date, and time. * New right-click option for filter tree view to turn a filter into a sub filter. * Matching/non-matching lines and other grep line based filters can now use Perl patterns, egrep patterns, MS Word patterns and Brief patterns. The addGrepFilter COM function has changed to support this. * Export to VBScript/JScript/web page now also exports the search replace options such as greedy matching, allow comments, buffer size etc. The edit distance threshold parameter has been removed from the addReplaceFilter COM function, and new functions added for setPerl, setEditDistance and setBufferSize. * Menus and tabs re-organisation, selection filters renamed to restriction filters. * A fixed width font is now used for most memo fields. * Improved handling of malformed CSV files. * Fixed export of Logging:Append to Log. The wrong value was being exported. * Fixed generation of random files of specified size. All files were being truncated at 8k.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.4.1

    * Added "Content Type" to system registry to help web downloads of .fll files. * COM object now registers itself in the Running Object Table (ROT), and frees itself at the correct times. * New COM properties Application.visible and Application.activeFilter * Fixed bug with moving nodes with sub filters. * The Task Bar menu now correctly runs filters for the second and subsequent runs - previously the status window stopped it from working.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.4

    * New filter to Remove a line range (in addition to the Head/Tail filter). * New filter to Remove CSV fields. * New filter to Remove Tab fields. * New filter to Move CSV fields. * New filter to Move Tab fields. * New filter to Move Columns. * New filter to Copy CSV fields. * New filter to Copy Tab fields. * New filter to Copy Columns. * File/Open command can now open multiple filters at a time. * Drastically improved the speed of 'head' filters and Remove All - they now skip reading the remainder of the file no matter how large it is (a 'Head' filter is used to extract the first N lines of a file). * New option to display help in an embedded window that is synchronized with the current action. * Added filter export to VBScript and JScript - this can be used to very easily create code for ASP or web pages or simple scripts. * Added COM interface to create Head/Tail filter, Run External Program filter, Split filter, Show/Remove Duplicates filter, Secondary Output filter. Logging functions, Input filter and Output filter settings can now be controlled with precision. * COM functions are now error trapped to prevent dialog boxes appearing in server versions. Error messages are captured to the ErrorText property. * The Script Filter's default script can now be set. * Fixed display issue where memo field containing multi-line text (such as the search and replace fields) scrolled to the bottom rather than displaying text from the top. * The command line text of the External Program filter now does not have double quotes removed from it. * TextPipe now can paste more than 64K of text at a time into a memo control. Previously controls could hold more than 64K of text, you just couldn't paste that amount. * TextPipe now forces text paste operations to be plain text. * Speed improvements with string translation caching. * Wizard form now aligns correctly.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.3.6

    * A new option to only output modified files was added to the Output filter. * A new Search option on the File Menu allows filters to be easily located. * The status window now shows how many bytes of the input file have been processed. * A quick short cut is now to double click on any of the filename fields to simply open the file (e.g. Single file output). * The Remove and Remove All buttons now work for all tabs (previously they were not used for the Comments, Scratch Pad and Trial Run tabs). * When filters are being run from the command line, a new blank filter window is no longer created - this means that the status of the already running filter can be easily seen. * The Execute Program filter now deletes the Input and Output files when processing has completed. This filter is commonly used for sorting very large data files and other external processing. * The context grep filters Remove matching/non-matching lines and Retain matching/non-matching lines have been re-designed so that they work exactly the same as the Select matching/non-matching lines filters. * The /I command line option (recurse subfolders) now also applies to file lists loaded using /L=. * Added new command line option /CLEARFILES to clear the file list. Also added /S0-/S6 to handle different search/replace types. * Fixed bug with Remove/Retain Lines Matching Perl Pattern List, where all backslashes needed to be doubled twice. * Fixed bug with none of the /C... command line parameters working.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.3.5

    * Fixed problem with Extract Email Addresses filter removing one extra character from the start of the email address when it started with mailto: sendto:, email= etc. * Improved window behaviour when TextPipe is activated from COM - the main window is now not visible unless it is specifically shown. * Improved COM handling - TextPipe exits correctly now that there are no internal references to the Application object.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.3.4

    * Fixed problem with saving Count Duplicate Lines and Remove Duplicate Lines filters.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.3.3

    * Fixed problem with Remove Patterns From List filter - was crashing.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.3.2

    * Fixed problem with multiple output filters overwriting the same file.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.3.1

    * Fixed sub filters not working for filters Add Text Side by Side, Add Repeating Text Side by Side, Remove Lines Found In, Retain Lines Found In, Remove Matching Lines Found In, Retain Matching Lines Found In. * Added new options to the Export Command Line of the Output filter. * Fixed problem with memos not displaying text properly.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.3

    * Added new Find in HTML helper window to help users Edit, Remove, Replace or Append to text inside HTML tags (such as the ALT tag of IMAGES), between HTML tags (such as between and ), and between two arbitrary pieces of text. * Added new 'Select each line in turn' filter. This is a short cut for creating a 'Select matching lines' filter with a pattern of '^'. * Window Menu now works properly - workaround found for Windows bug (being to turn off AutoHotKeys and AutoLineReduction). * New System menu item (on task bar) to force TextPipe to close, even if it has been activated via COM or from DataPipe etc. * Fixed double quotes appearing in filename fields after a filename has been chosen. * When special characters are pasted, the default mode has been changed from decimal to hex (so where \018 would previously have been pasted for special character 18, now \x12 would be pasted) * New Word Wrap toggle item in the popup menu of memo fields. * New Start Column and Length options for Sort filter, Remove Duplicates filter and Count Duplicates filter. * When a command line filter has been started with /G, TextPipe no longer clears the filter list so that you can now see the contents of the command line filter. * New command line parameter /OUTPUTKEEPSTRUCT to control whether the input file's folder structure is retained when a new output folder is set. * Fixed a bug with dragging and dropping filters, where you could get an Access Violation trying to edit the filter after moving it from inside its parent filter. * Fixed @inputFilename and @fullInputFilename incorrectly using the output filename.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.9

    * Expanded the Special\Find and Replace menu item into an entire menu to make it clearer. * Now uses Windows standard dialog boxes for easier translation. * Removed status window control resizing. * Removed validation on perl patterns that prevented back references from working. * Fixed error with perl ^ not matching the start of the first line in files less than 4K. * Fixed error with Extract Filter - some non-matching text was being passed to the output. * Fixed the maximum allowed value on various filters - Split At Lines, Detail lines allowed before writing to log file, size of random input file that can be generated, insert column position, line numbering, context grep lines before and after, delete columns values, duplicates filter, record length on EOL filter, head/tail filter, all number-type filters like spaces to tabs, centering etc, maximum buffer size for pattern matching etc. * Fixed handling of single and double quotes inside database queries. * Database filter 'insert script' option was not modifying file changed status. * Fixed TextPipe.getGlobalVar - now returns a blank string if the variable has not been defined, instead of the variable name preceded by '@'. GlobalVariables are now case-insensitive, and can hold multi-line values. * Fixed bug with 'Remove Prompting' not setting the modified flag if the filter changed. * Changed the text qualifier for database insert scripts from " to '

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.8

    * All fonts are now set to the system default font. This makes translation of Eastern languages far easier. * Tools\Put Sample In Trial Input now only includes files that have the 'Add' action enabled. It also handles the situation where no files have been specified. * Better DataPipe integration - now no longer hides the window when TextPipe is closed. The main form minimizes instead.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.7

    * Improved Command Line Wizard dialog. * New right click menu function for search/replace filters "Allow RTF tags" converts the pattern to one that allows embedded RTF font tags. * Better integration with DataPipe - COM functions have changed, now Application.hide minimizes TextPipe, and Application.show restores it.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.6

    * Improved speed of COM functions. * Added COM code to support DataPipe * Fixed bug (again) where null lines caused the pattern matcher to fail.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.5

    * Race condition fixed where a command line processing thread started with /G /Q doesn't get a chance to start before the application exits. * New command line parameters /MAXIMIZED and /HIDDEN (hidden acts the same as /MINIMIZED) * COM functions execute() and executeClipboard() now don't return until the processing thread has completed. * New COM function isRunning to determine if a processing thread is still running. * The COM function addReplaceFilter()'s ignoreCase parameter has been renamed to matchCase - now the sense of the value is correct, and is consistent with the user interface. * Fixed bug with perl-style patterns when used with look-behind assertions - 100 characters of text preceding the match is now retained in the search buffer.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.4

    * Secondary Output Filters can now be disabled and deleted. * Fixed errors occurring when a filter was modified after it had been moved up or down using the up or down buttons. * Added Application.Quit function to COM * When created from COM, the default is now for the main form to be invisible.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.3

    * Secondary Output Filters can now be added throughout the filter list to duplicate the output file, or write selected lines and columns out to a separate file, eg to place error lines or records in an error file, or to separate records of different type or length into new files. * A new Select Block filter allows undelimited blocks of data to be selected and processed as one. * Fixed VB/Jscript timeout - value is in milliseconds, not seconds. * Fixed obscure Perl replacement bug when run from command line. * Validation of ActiveX scripts now only occurs for VBScript - JScript validation didn't work because the MS JScript engine does not implement various functions.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.2

    * Updated perl library to PCRE 3.7 (from 3.5) * EOL filter now allows more than one character in the replacement string. * Enabled some command line operations to provide Windows Explorer support in TextPipe Web and Standard. * Fixed problem with the About dialog (in the evaluation version) interfering with filter loading when TextPipe was invoked by double-clicking or opening a .fll file. * Fixed bug with 'Escape Special Characters' not working properly. * Fixed bug with Split After XX Lines filter only outputting one line. * Fixed bug with 'Include Lines from End of File' when the number of lines was greater than 255.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2.1

    * Tree view now displays more than just the first line of scripts and comments. * Fixed bug with perl-style grep and blank lines. * Input Filter export showed incorrect value for Delete Input Files After Processing. * Filters loaded from the command line now have their full path saved, so they get saved to the correct location even if the current directory is changed. * Added missing properties to Filter Export function. * Fixed bug handling command line filenames with embedded '..' paths.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.2

    Note: v6.2 was released quickly to correct some serious bugs, but it was not announced until v6.2.1 was released with further bug fixes. * New filter to Remove lines matching any patterns in a list. * New filter to Retain lines matching any patterns in a list. * New filters to Retain matching lines, Remove matching lines, Retain non- matching lines and Remove non-matching lines - this is easier to understand than the Select lines filters. * New filter to add a file side-by-side with an existing file. * New filter to add a file side-by-side with an existing file and repeat the added file if the file being added to has more lines. * New filter to Split a File after a given number of lines. * New Input Filter to generate random a data file of a particular size. * New filter to repeat a file's contents a specified number of times. * Added Script Timeout option to VBScript/JScript filter * Show Command Line dialog now also shows the current path and all environment variables. * Added 'Escape special characters' menu item to right-click menus of all fields. This is very handy for adding backslashes in front of pattern matching meta characters, and doubling '@' and '$' characters where appropriate. * Added 'Allow Extra Spaces' menu item to right-click menu of all pattern fields, allowing you to easily search and replace in HTML files by ignoring any extra spaces or tabs that commonly occur. * Added 'Allow Extra Line Feeds or Spaces' menu item to right-click menu of all pattern fields, allowing you to easily search and replace in HTML files by ignoring any extra spaces, tabs or line feeds that commonly occur. * Updated help, fixed application links to help file, help file now displays when TextPipe is first run * Fixed bug with filter loading * Made splitter in Search/Replace filter visible, now resizes correctly. * Fixed 'Add folder' button - newer versions of Windows caused this dialog to appear behind the main window. * Unknown field codes (a name preceded by an '@' symbol) are now NOT replaced with a blank - they are left as is to prevent inadvertent use of a field code causing text to disappear. Known field codes (@clipboard, @inputFilename, @fullInputFilename) still work as normal. * Added new COM function to filter windows - closeWithoutSave. Added new options to COM interface, including default values. * Fixed bug with a filter validation function not being called when there were sub filters anywhere above them in the filter list. * Fixed a bug affecting the Select Matching Lines, Select Non-matching Lines, Select Lines From Length To END, Select Lines From Start To End, Select Lines From Start For Length filters when immediately followed by a line-based filter such as a Reverse Each Line, Pad To Width etc. Some text was not output at all. * Fixed a bug affecting the Remove Lines Found In List and Only Keep Lines Found In List filters - because the list was not internally sorted, the actual lines would only occasionally be processed correctly. A workaround was to ensure that the line list is first sorted in ascending alphabetical order.

    What's New in TextPipe v6.1.1

    * Improved the email address extraction filter to automatically remove leading 'mailto:', 'mime:', 'smtp:', 'email=', and remove trailing '?Subject' and trailing periods. * Fixed Perl Pattern Match not saving 'greedy' setting * Fixed hidden form problem with active field being invisible * Fixed Access Violations on editing filter list

    What's New in TextPipe v6.1

    * PERL-STYLE pattern matching! - use both greedy and non-greedy matching options, as well as embedded comments, assertions, non-capturing sub- expressions and more! * Brief-style pattern matching * MS Word style pattern matching - use the *, ?, etc wildcards that you can use in MS Word. * New 'Extract' option for search and replaces, all non-matching text is discarded. * The Found Text can now be referred to in the Replacement Text as '$0' for Exact, Sounds-like and Edit-distance matches. Previously the Found Text could not be referred to, making some replacements harder. * You can now easily add a sub filter to the selected filter by holding [Alt] down while choosing it from the menu or selecting its speed button. * You can now easily add a filter at the parent level of a sub filter by holding [Shift] down while choosing it from the menu or selecting its speed button. * New Input Filter setting for text to come from the Trial Run Input area. * The filters Add Left Margin, Add Right Margin, Add Header and Add Footer now do not parse the included file for special functions or characters. This ensures that the file being included is included exactly as is. The parsing of text specified in the edit field continues as previously. * Fixed a recursion bug when [Alt+Down] is pressed to move a filter and its sub filters down, now the filters are moved down correctly. * Fixed bug with base panel of search and replace filter disappearing after returning from the Trial Run area. * Removed the Font Control context menu item for controls. * Better handling of Cancel button during a processing run. * Fixed handling of NULL values with database filter and Generate Insert Script mode. * Database Command Timeout setting for queries that run for more than 30 seconds. * Improved Tree handling is quicker and easier to use; the treeview changes immediately when a setting is changed, and there is a new Up and Down button to easily move filters up and down (in addition to Alt+Up and Alt+down). * All command line defaults now come from the Normal Template normal.fll, not the internal defaults which used to be: inputFromFiles, promptOnEach=false, skip binary files, binarySampleSize=100, outputToFiles, testMode=false, retainDateTime=false, changeExtension=false, changeBaseDir=false. * Fix for the error " The Decision Cube Capacity is Low. Please deactivate dimensions or change the data set"

    What's New in TextPipe v5.6.3

    * Uninstall now removes all registry entries * Installer now supports unattended installs * Fixed short cut conflict between Remove/Remove All buttons and menu items * Fixed bug with registry security in registered version

    What's New in TextPipe v5.6.2

    * Added 'Normal Template' functionality - a filter that is always loaded to set defaults. * Delete Input Files after Processing setting now displays a warning box when it is enabled. When a new filter is created this setting always defaults to disabled. * Added shortcuts to tabs on status form, query replace form and command line display form. * Fixed error in COM documentation for AddFile function - constants should be 1,2 and 3, not 0, 1 and 2. * Changed sizes of GUI controls to show foreign languages better. * Fixed bug with loading of foreign language, and enabled support for radio group type controls. * Fixed bug with Append Mode.

    What's New in TextPipe v5.6.1

    * Clicking on the filename column in the file list now sorts the filenames. * Improved COM interface - new methods for compiling the filter list which improves speed if the same filter is used repeatedly * New Append to existing file setting

    What's New in TextPipe v5.6

    * Localisation complete - now everything in TextPipe can be translated to a foreign language by translating the file Languages\English.ini For more details on how to translate TextPipe, please visit: http://www.datamystic.com/textpipe/translate.html * COM interface now allows TextPipe to be fully controlled from languages such as VisualBasic, VBScript, C++, Delphi etc For more details on how to translate TextPipe, please visit: http://www.datamystic.com/textpipe/com_interface.html * Fixed bug with dragging and dropping filters onto a filter that doesn't support subfilters - now adds the dragged filter above it

    What's New in TextPipe v5.5.2

    * Added code for TextPipe Pro Run Time Engine * Marketing changes for evaluation edition * Began preparation for localisation * Fixed command line processing bug with modifying the Output filter settings after loading a filter with the /F= command * Fixed bug with debug windows

    What's New in TextPipe v5.5.1

    * Forms and menus can now be translated into other languages via a .ini file in the Languages folder * Improved the load time of massive filter lists loaded via the /Z= command line parameter * Trial Output now shows Column and Row in the same way that Trial Input does * File size for files larger than 2GB is now displayed correctly * Improved the way that form sizes and positions are saved * Improved the way that registered user data is saved under Win2K * Forced installation to require the Administrator account to prevent registry writing problems under Win2K

    What's New in TextPipe v5.5

    * Lines of context surrounding a matching line can now be displayed, both before and after matching or non matching lines (grep filter) * Added short cuts to tabs (Alt+1 through Alt+5) * Added Filter Wizard to help new users * Added command line options for setting the output file extension, output folder, and merge output filename. * Sub filters can now be created by holding down Shift as they are drag and dropped to a location inside another filter * The database filter now directly supports creating a database insert script from extracted data * Improved tutorial lessons * TextPipe tutorial now listed in the start menu * Fixed bug with default folder not being TextPipe's folder (default was My Documents folder) * Fixed bug with access violation on exit after a filter is invoked from the command line * Fixed bug with Count Duplicates filter missing some lines * Fixed bug with Extract Emails filter missing the last email address if it ended at the end of the file * Fixed bug with errors not being reported during trial run - now if errors are reported the status dialog will not automatically close * Changed default extension to .fll for link filter dialog. Also added an open button so that the filter can be easily loaded and edited

    What's New in TextPipe v5.4.1

    * Can now CHANGE THE REPLACEMENT TEXT during a run. This is very useful for fixing up mistakes in the replacement text, and can also be used for pattern matches * New Paste Special command on context menus to allow pasting of special characters without TextPipe converting them to its internal code * Unknown '\' entries are now output with the leading '\' rather than without. This is to help new users * Trial Input and Output no longer attempt to validate special characters such as \t etc. * Fixed bug with '\' being incorrectly interpreted in the Prompt for replace window * Fixed bug with filters becoming modified when Search/Replace filter was selected (not edited)

    What's New in TextPipe v5.4

    * VBScript/JScript code can now control TextPipe - LogError, LogInfo, inputFilename, fullInputFilename, terminate, setGlobalVar, getGlobalVar, subFilterEntireText, version * VBScript/JScript code can now have subfilters. Subfilters can be turned on or off by the script at any time using InitSubFilters, FlushSubFilters, subFilterChunk * Find/Find Again in all memo fields (multi-line edit) * Font control dialog on all edit fields (including memos) * Extended the number of filters than can be invoked via the command line * Facility to generate TextPipe command line parameters from an existing filter list * Trial Run can now be interrupted - runs in separate thread * Ctrl+A (Select All) now works in all fields * More options in the Window menu * Adhoc Transform tab renamed to Trial Run tab * Task bar menu now sends TextPipe to the back after a menu item is selected * Better handling of maximized windows when TextPipe restarts * Fixed bug with Select lines filter - if the input had (say) 2 lines and the setting was from line 3 to END

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.9 Beta

    * Added drag and drop between filter windows * Added drag and drop promotion/demotion and movement of filters in the filter tree display (and removed the Up/Down buttons) * Added Lesson 4 to tutorial

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.8

    * "x2" function now duplicates sub filters at the same time * Fixed bug with Insert Column At filter where the column was set to zero (ie insert at end of line) and the actual line length = 1 (the text was inserted at the beginning of the line) * Fixed bug with replace filter and whole words option - output text can be duplicated * Fixed bug with merge filter and single file output filter * Fixed bug with Close All function not closing all windows * Fixed bug with Insert Filter File function changing the name of the currently loaded filter

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.7

    * Updated Export To Clipboard and Print facility to cope with new filters and tree structured filters. This facility is an excellent way to maintain version information about your filters * Maps now moved to separate 'maps' folder * textpipe.log is now created in the same folder as textpipe.exe if no path has been specified * Recent Files menu now uses submenu of main menu * Filters opened will now load into the New Filter window if it is unchanged and does not hold a filter * Fixed problem with files and folders added via the command line not defaulting the subfolders setting correctly * Fixed problem with filter opening twice when opened from Explorer when TextPipe isn't currently opened * Fixed bug with merge filter not performing any filters following it in the filter list

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.6

    * Added ability for Windows Explorer to detect TextPipe and open a filter in an existing TextPipe window * Recycle bin functionality temporarily removed while bugs fixed

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.5

    * Fixed buttons and help for Files Tab * Delete file operations now use the Recycle Bin * Fixed bug with Remove Lines From File and Only Show Lines From file filters

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.4

    * (Hopefully) fixed long-standing error on exit

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.3

    * New subscribe facility on help menu * Fixed regexp bug with characters sets [] involving ranges of characters specified with a \ eg [\000-\255]. Also error message for character sets containing a \000.

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.2

    * Better error handling when file delete/rename fails * Fixed bug with number of subfolders to process (1 Level was same as None) * File\Open now always opens a filter in a new window. New menu item to open in the current window * Fixed bug with Remove button, only removed first file from file list even if multiple files were selected * Now checks if log file exists before using Notepad to open it * Double quoting of filenames and folders containing spaces now handled correctly * Better handling of dropped files

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3.1

    * Added option to delete input files once they are processed - to support integration with GFI FAXmaker

    What's New in TextPipe v5.3

    * New Sorting options
  • ASCII Sort (case-sensitive and case-insensitive). Previously only an ANSI sort was available (where lower case letters sort before upper case letters)
  • Numeric sort
  • Sort by length of line * New Unicode Map filter for translating Unicode files * Improved online help with Quick Start guide, improved tutorial and more cross-referencing * Status form now has indicator to show whether test mode or overwrite mode is active * All memo fields now can save to and load from a file * Trial output now has warning message if the output text contains null characters * Improved Command Line Assistant dialog * Fixed bug with Query Replace window not scrolling found text into view * Fixed bug with "First Match Only" option discarding text * Fixed move filter up/down bug with filter lists containing more than 256 filters * Fixed bug with database filter not extracting data correctly when fixed width format with no column titles was performed * Database filter now correctly handles non-SELECT queries that return a record set * Fixed bug with access violation on exit * Fixed bug with pattern match ignoring First Match Only setting under some circumstances

    What's New in TextPipe v5.2

    * Added help toolbar for easier access to helpful features * Improved drag & drop behaviour for .fll files * Added automation check to disable debug filters * Added better error handling for MIME decode quoted printable filter * Advanced logging details in results window * Added error checking to ensure file can be deleted/moved to correct final filename, or error logged if not * Added output option for all files merged to a single file * New Clear All and Paste context menu item * Prompting dialog for Read Only files, Prompt Before Processing and Prompt on Binary Files now has option for No To All and Yes To All * New Search/Replace option to only replace the first occurrence * Trial Input/Output now have horizontal scroll bars * Grep filters (Keep matching lines, remove matching lines) now as select filters, where matching lines get subfilters applied to them * ActiveX scripting no longer requires dummy parameters for functions * Improved match information tab for Edit Distance and Sounds-like matches * Context menu on tree view for faster deletion/enable toggle * Database query now creates correct XML document. Handling of previously unrecognised data types. Original query output as comment. Headers always output even if 0 rows returned. Unique column names generated for all output types. Encoding="UTF-8" removed from XML header - not supported by some versions of IE * Status dialog now shows count of Non-binary Files Skipped * New Edit Distance option for search/replace filters - very handy for finding and locating misspelt words * New option to retain the existing file list when opening a new filter * New facility for search/replace to replace all or none within the current selection * Loading a .fll filter file now opens in the same window * Better detection of filter list changed * Better handling of loading very old filter lists * Added force lines to width filter * Added advanced logging facilities with detailed tracking of all changes made * Fixed exception with exact match filter * Fixed handling of non-select statements in Database filter, and improved error checking code * Fixed directory where preliminary output file created * Fixed split filter - was not performing "start file" processing for following filters * Fixed Remove Email Headers - was crashing * Fixed bug that affects all line-processing filters - when using Mac files the first character on each line may be repeated * Fixed bug with exact match filter that caused text to be output multiple times * Fixed Win NT bug with popup context menus on memo fields * Fixed delete columns filter * Fixed handling of grep/inverse grep filters * Comment filters now have vertical scroll bars for comment text * Fixed subfilter bugs where filter list was not built correctly, missing several filters * Fixed bug with Select Lines filter not outputting its results * Fixed bug with Select CSV Fields filter * Fixed errors with start and end word for Edit Distance and Sounds-like filters * Fixed split filter * Fixed handling of Select Columns with the 4th option * Fixed debug filter error * Fixed Select CSV/Tab field missing last field * Fixed handling of map menu and task bar menu

    What's New in TextPipe v5.1

    * ** Sub filters - drag and drop a filter onto another in the tree view and the dropped filter will then process JUST the output from the parent node. Eg drop a "Title Case" filter onto a "Search/Replace" filter to change the search result to Title Case * ** New Database Connection filter. Attach to any ADO/ODBC database and execute any SQL command text against it. The result can be output as CSV, Tab-delimited or XML (with automatically generated DTD schema). All characters are appropriately escaped, including quotes within strings for CSV, and XML special characters. * Pattern matching now extended to handle up to 36 ($0-9,a-z) bracketed expressions. This is 26 more than any other product on the market. * New Select CSV Fields filter - select a group of consecutive CSV fields and apply sub filters to the result by dragging and dropping them onto this filter. Handles commas embedded in quotes etc * New Select Tab-delimited Fields filter - select a group of consecutive tab- delimited fields and apply sub filters to the result by dragging and dropping them onto this filter * New Select Line Range filter - select a group of consecutive lines and apply sub filters to the result by dragging and dropping them onto this filter * New Select Column Range filter - select a group of consecutive columns and apply sub filters to the result by dragging and dropping them onto this filter * New Remove All filter - useful for subfilters * Convert EOL filter can now specify any string as the new EOL character * New Truncate to Width filter * File output has new "Maintain folder structure" option when outputting to a new folder * Remove Columns filter now has more advanced options * New option Skip Prompt if Identical for Search/replace filters * ActiveX scripts can now easily output text at the start and end of each file * New tools added - option to verify a filter before it is run - performs syntax check etc. Also added Windows calculator * Explorer extension - right click on files, folders or drives brings up TextPipe options. New window on Tools menu to customise the Explorer extensions * Command Line Assistant window - provides examples of how to run TextPipe from the command line in a variety of modes * Show Command Line window - displays the command line parameters used to invoke TextPipe - useful for debugging command line scripts * Check for TextPipe Updates window - check if you have the most recent TextPipe by querying the DataMystic web site * TextPipe now interfaces to 2 external tools (see Help\Related Products menu)- JustData from www.justsoft.com.au Offline Explorer from www.metaproducts.com GUI enhancements * Tree view for filters which allows multi-level filters to be collapsed * Multiple-document interface (MDI) allows multiple filters to be open at once. New Window menu to support MDI interface * Dockable toolbars * Icons in menus * Right-click (context) menus on all edit/memo fields allow special characters, common patterns, replace expressions and macros to be inserted, as well as the normal clipboard operations * Can now set the font used in the Ad-hoc Input/Output area Bug fixes * ActiveX script now works in non-ad-hoc mode * Trial Run area now does not interpret \n, \t etc * Split files at Character - fixed bug

    What's New in TextPipe v4.6

    * Example code for the TextPipe Engine - a text transformation .dll that can be downloaded from www.datamystic.com * New ActiveX scripting filter supports arbitrary user-written code in VBScript, Jscript or PerlScript, PythonScript, REXXscript etc * Output To New Folder can now recreate multi-level folder trees and output to a new drive * New Undo command to undo any changes to the current filter * New file grid button to Copy Row * New Extract filter to extract just the required text * Show Duplicates filter now called Count Duplicates, and outputs the number of times found to the left of each item * New Tools menu item to pull sample data from the file list or clipboard into the trial run area * New Tools menu item to move the Trial Run Output back to the Trial Run Input * Add Line Numbers filter now allows format of line numbers can be changed to custom user-defined settings, including numbering in hexadecimal etc * Sort filter now has Ignore Case option * Header, footer, left margin or right margin can now insert either a file or text. Cursor position now shown * Length of trial input and output area shown in both lines and characters. Cursor position now shown * Warning indicator on status bar now shows if Test Run mode is active or not * Debug filter - creates a debug window showing the text passing through the filter at that point * External filter files can now be linked to, providing true 'black box' style re-use, using File\Link To Filter * Can now duplicate the current filter - this makes adding a large number of similar filters very easy * Find and replace filters now use multi-line edit control - making it easier to edit large selections. The new edit control also provides the length and line count of the text * Maps now display a hex column in addition to the original Decimal and ASCII columns * Changed handling of changing the replacement text for a pattern-based search - now the default text is not modified for future replaces * Tips of the Day * Query replace window now supports resizing better * Changed registration URLs * The filter names shown in the filter list are now truncated, preventing Windows crashes with very long filter names * Fixed logging functions which were going wild when more than 1000 files were processed * Fixed pattern matching not handling \n \r \e \t \a * Fixed Randomize filter - was outputting blank text * Fixed pattern based search with patterns longer than 247 characters - was truncating and matching early

    What's New in TextPipe v4.5

    * Soundex search method to search for words that sound like another word. Useful when you are replacing a typing error * New Preferences dialog - Play sound on completion - If no association, use user defined editor (need new options window) * Prepare filter for automation - removes all user prompting * Prepare filter for distribution - removes all test text * Can now insert a file with the Add Header, Add Footer, Add Left Margin and Add Right Margin filters - browse button * Add Line Numbers now has option to skip blank lines, (ie omit count but keep counting), as well as omit count and not count line) * Now can split files at a given character, after a specified number of occurrences (and split before, after or on top of character) * ANSI to Unicode and Unicode to ANSI filters (single byte to double byte) * Comment filters now shown in italics, disabled filters shown with strike through text, speed button to add comments * Better progress indicator - now much more accurate * Duration of filter job in seconds shown in status dialog * Increased size of edit fields for easier editing of multi-line text. Display of text length and number of lines of all memo fields (like Header, Footer, Left/Right Margin, Insert Column etc) * Performance improvement when handling very large files * Improved performance for Remove Blanks from Start of Line, Convert to Lower Case, Convert to Upper Case, OEM to ANSI, ANSI to OEM * Query replace dialog now shows file currently being processed * Query replace dialog now shows filter information for both normal and pattern based searches (so it is easy to see which text was matched by each expression) * Improved command line automation support. Now can have comments embedded - useful when converting Perl scripts to TextPipe scripts because code can be commented out rather than edited out * Form resizing now handled better * Fixed bug with Query Replace when replacement text was modified before replacing * Fixed bug with saving/loading of window positions * Fixed bug with detection of when the filter has been modified * Fixed bug with query replace 'Yes - file' button - did not change the first entry

    What's New in TextPipe v4.4

    * Name change from DropConvert to TextPipe * Regular expression search and replace - allows pattern matching (also known as non-exact matches or regexps). Case-insensitive or case-sensitive matching * HTML Help integration * Prompt on replace. Can change the replacement text * Option to delete test files at end of test run * @inputFilename macro now allowed in filters for Add Text To Start Of Lines, Add Text At End Of Lines, Add Column Of Text * New @clipboard macro to insert the clipboard contents * Can disable filters by double-clicking or pressing Ctrl+T * When either the error display or the file display is full it is sent to the log file * /z command line parameter to read parameters from a file * Grep-based regular expression matching * In-place editing of file specifications * Inclusion and exclusion lists for file processing * File groups allow better handling of complex file groupings * Subfolder recursion can now be specified on a per-file basis. Improved performance of subfolder recursion * Improved detection for binary files - sample size can be adjusted, and binary characteristics are better identified * Case-sensitive replace - if found text is uppercase, replacement can be forced to all uppercase etc * New Export Filter to clipboard feature. Useful for documenting filters in Word * Enhanced detail when printing filters * File associations for .dCv test files * Status dialog now shows separate error tab, and shows files generated by each filter, with the old and new size of each with a comparison display for quick checks * Install/uninstall feature. Creates Start Menu items, desktop icon, Send To menu and file associations for .fll and .map files and for text files * Scratch pad area for test text * Trial run area for iterative testing * Improved error log for command line initiation * Pasted text is scanned for binary characters - and they are converted to readable text. Pasted text is now checked to see if it has already been converted * Heaps of useful sample filters * Window sizes now saved and restored. Minimum window sizes enforced * File list now supports including and excluding files, file groups, subfolder inclusion/exclusion on a per-line basis * Scratch Pad area for saving chunks of text * New Edit Menu with Cut, Copy, Paste and Disable/Enable Filter * Settings now saved on a per-user basis * Improved descriptions in filter window * Improved performance. Better use of memory (now uses far less) * Scrolling on drag of filters in filter list * More filters and options available from command line * Now handles filters from future versions better * Printer setup menu item now doesn't get lost :-) * Fixed bug with "Base map on filter list" function

    What's New in TextPipe v4.3

    * Filter to insert a column of text * Filter to convert to ranDOm CasE * Filter to extract URLs. Very useful for retrieving mailto, http, https, ftp and gopher addresses * Task bar menu. Allows filters to be loaded and run without leaving external programs such as Word, enabling conversion to occur seamlessly without leaving the currently running program * All status windows from completed tasks are closed when starting a new task * Input filter new options: Input from file or clipboard * Output filter new options: Output to file or clipboard (independent of Input filter) change file extension change base directory on output * Filter to only show duplicate lines * Filter to reverse each line * Filter to centre justify lines * Filter to right justify lines * Filter to remove lines contained in an external file * Filter to only show lines contained in an external file * Filter to run external program. Very useful for user-written filters or for features not yet incorporated into DropConvert * Filter to add comments to the filter list * Character maths filter now shows hex and binary equivalents for operand * File history (up to 5 filters) shown in file menu * Tool bar buttons for commonly-used filters * Floating hints now used in preference to status bar * Explorer menus for .fll file type * Removed evaluation edition restriction of 5 filters * Now uses InstallShield install/uninstall See http://www.datamystic.com for more details on TextPipe