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The TextPipe Engine is a component that you can include in your application to make use of TextPipe's powerful text processing capabilities.

The TextPipe Engine is a much higher speed version of the same COM object that is inside the main TextPipe program. It has no GUI code to slow it down, and hence it is ideal to embed inside your application.

The Engine is packaged as an COM/ActiveX DLL rather than as a EXE. After a very simple registration process which is performed by your installation package, this DLL can be fully scripted by languages including Visual Basic, VB.Net, Visual C++ and Delphi.


Documentation is included in the download, see readme.doc.

The COM interface is fully documented in the TextPipe Pro help (see Advanced/COM interface). There is only one key difference - you create a TextPipeEngine.Application object rather than a TextPipe.Application object.

Code Samples

Sample code is included for Visual Basic, VB.Net, Visual C++ and Delphi.


If you need a custom bundling solutions of TextPipe, TextPipe Engine or both, please contact us for a solution to fit your needs.

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