Feature Summary

TextPipe Lite is perfect for even the most complex set of search/replaces, such as small websites.

TextPipe Standard is superb for

TextPipe Pro has additional features for converting mainframe data.

Full Feature Comparison Chart

This chart lists the feature differences between TextPipe Lite, TextPipe Standard and TextPipe Pro. TextPipe No Editing is equivalent to TextPipe Pro, but without editing capability.

We provide an upgrade path from TextPipe Lite to Standard to Pro. If you have trouble deciding which version of TextPipe fits your needs, please contact us.

TextPipe Lite Standard Pro
Feature \ License Type Single User Single User Single User No Editing App Server/ MultiCPU Edition Floating License Engine
Licensing and sharing              
License sharing, multiple installs One workstation, or One user only1 One workstation, or One user only1 One workstation, or One user only1 One workstation, or One user only1 One Server only Yes, multiple installs, access controlled by Floating License Server Yes
Server install allowed?        
Interactive GUI    
Core features              
Visual drag and drop mapping n/a
Save and reuse conversions
File-for-file compatible with other versions (Lite/Standard/Pro)
Shred a file (overwrite its contents)
Search and replace with exact match, pattern match (both Perl and EasyPatterns), sounds-like, edit-distance, Brief and MS-Word options, extract option
Number of filters in the filter list Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Pattern matching sub-expressions (used to re-arrange the found text in the replacement - $1, $2, $3 etc) Up to 10 Up to 99 Up to 99 Up to 99 Up to 99 Up to 99 Up to 99
Multi-file, multi-folder
Files of unlimited size (larger than 2GB)
Filter wizard  
End of line conversion between DOS/Mac/Unix etc
Remove blanks and remove extra white space
Add left margin, add right margin, add header, add footer
Add line numbers
Comment filter to document your workflow
Restrict/subfilter changes to line or column ranges
Restrict/subfilter changes to HTML/XML elements, attributes and between tags
Remove binary characters
Case changing filters - UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case, Sentence case, tOGGLE cASE, rAnDOM CasE
Detailed audit logs of changes to each file
Import search/replace lists, search/replace list filter
Windows Explorer integration, customize shell extensions  
Developer API              
Command line API for integration with other programs    
Scripting API for integration with other programs  
Schedule/automate runs (via windows scheduler)    
Filtering capabilities              
Matrrix / Simultaneous search e.g Blazing speed for 2000+ terms  
Fixed width to Delimited Output Wizard    
Restrict/subfilter lines - matching or non-matching lines (used for processing database extracts and website logs), each line in turn
Restrict/subfilter on filename - allows for file renaming using search/replace
Restrict/subfilter on files based on their filename
Restrict/subfilter to blocks of lines  
Move, copy, remove and restrict/subfilter to delimited fields (CSV, Tab, Pipe etc)
Move, copy, remove and restrict/subfilter to columns
Debug filter to help get your filter correct
Remove HTML/XML elements, attributes and tags
Convert CSV to XML, CSV to tab-delimited
Convert Tab-delimited to XML, Tab-delimited to CSV
Randomize lines
Reverse each line
Reverse line order
Add columns, add bytes
Word wrap
Center text, right justify text
Remove matching lines/retain matching lines, useful for processing web site logs and other log files
Remove duplicate lines/count duplicate lines
Remove backspaces
Split and merge (join) files
Sort (all types and options)
Single-byte Character maps
User defined filters written in VBScript/JScript and other scripting languages
T-Filter (copy output to a new stream of filters)
Extract email addresses
Extract filter
Extract URLs
Remove and restrict/subfilter to Byte ranges  
Remove email headers
Unscramble (ROT13)
Hex/MIME/UU/XX/HTTP email attachment encoding and decoding
Link to external filter file
Text To Word List filter
Pad to width/force to width/truncate to width
Resolve backspaces
Remove start or end of file (Unix head/tail)
Remove line range
Remove ANSI codes
Remove all
Run external filter (.exe)
Add text side-by-side
Hex/decimal dump
Character maths
Convert IBM Drawing characters
Repeat file
Secondary output filters
Sub filters - record blocks
Query databases via OLE DB/ODBC to XML, CSV, fixed width or SQL INSERT script format
Unicode functions              
Unicode maps, save to/load from Excel, CSV and Tab-delimited formats
Convert Tabs to Spaces, Spaces to Tabs
144 Unicode conversions filters from single byte, double byte and multi byte code pages
Unicode Remove BOM, Swap word order, make Big Endian, make Little Endian  
Restrict/subfilter on UTF-8 files, Restrict//subfilter to ANSI, UTF-16 and UTF-32 files  
Convert from Microsoft Excel to CSV  
Convert from Microsoft Word to text  
Convert from PDF to text  
Export filter to clipboard/export command line to clipboard  
Export to JScript, VBScript and web pages  
Mainframe copybook functions - for converting mainframe data              
Mainframe Copybook Filter    
Time and accuracy savings - immeasurable. Pricing (before volume discounts) $150 / year $199 / year [volume discounts] $399 / year [volume discounts] $199 / year $699 / year per Server $499 / year per Floating License $500 / year per Application

1. One workstation, or One user only