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TextPipe is the perfect solution for converting text encodings between UTF-8, UTF16, UTF32 and 150 other text encodings

After your text is converted, you can add other operations - in one pass - like sorting, search and replaces, clean up of special characters and capitalization, push the text into a database, extract text from web pages and much more!

TextPipe™ works with Microsoft® Windows® 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista®, 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003, x32 and x64 and earlier.

Step 1. Install

Download or Buy TextPipe and install it. Installing TextPipe is a simple process that takes only 1 minute.

Step 2. Add Unicode Conversion Filter

Double-click Filters\Wizards\Convert to and from Unicode. This copies a filter from the 'library' to My Filter List.

Step 3. Choose Conversion Options

Select the newly added Unicode Conversion filter, and choose what format to Convert From (e.g. ASCII, ANSI, BIG5, BIG5HKSCS and 150 more) and the format to Convert To (e.g. UTF-8, UTF16LE).

Step 4. Drag and Drop files and folders into TextPipe

Drag and drop anywhere in TextPipe's window - they appear on the Files to Process Grid:

Step 5. Go!

Click Go at the base of TextPipe's window, or press [F9].

Step 6. Enjoy!

Like'll find yourself using TextPipe again and again for all kinds of text-processing tasks.

Detect Input Formats

TextPipe can detect various Unicode formats, and selectively apply conversions depending on which format it finds.

In the example below, TextPipe converts all input files to UTF-8 before doing further processing.

TextPipe can also apply other really cool restrictions, such as only searching and replacing in CSV field 3.

Is My Input File Unicode?

Simply drag the file to TextPipe's File Grid, then right-click it and choose 'Analyze File'.

If the display says 'Unicode Encoding...' then your file is Unicode. There are 3 major formats to Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32), and variants on the last two (-LE and -BE variants). Most likely, you'll need TextPipe to convert your file to or from UTF-8 for Web pages, and to or from UTF-16LE for Windows files.

Sample Filter Lists

Here are just some of thee sample Unicode conversion filters that you can build on or link to from your own filters:

Change EOLs to U+2028
convert all to unicode utf16
convert text to unicode
convert to unicode slash u
convert unicode to ansi, leave ansi alone
convert unicode to entities
convert unicode to html entities
convert unicode to slash u
display unicode hex values
Escaped Unicode (ASCII + UCN) to UTF-8
to and from unicode
to Unicode
UTF16-LE to Escaped Unicode (ASCII + UCN)

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