TextPipe App Server/Multi CPU edition splits filtering jobs across multiple CPUs at user-defined points for faster processing.

It is designed for invocation by multiple automated processes; it is not for multiple users.

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TextPipe Pro MultiCPU/App Server License (+1 Yr Maintenance) - $699 / year

Required when multiple copies of TextPipe run simultaneously on the one machine. May be installed on a server-class computer such as a database server, email server, web server or application server. The server edition enhances speed by splitting filtering across multiple CPUs at user-defined points.

This license can be transferred between servers at most once per year


Box shot TextPipe PDF manual (Printable, not Printed)  - a comprehensive manual is included with TextPipe; this PDF manual can be printed ($9.99 / year)
Box shot EasyPattern Helper - a tool to help you design EasyPattern pattern matches. Single User License (+ 1 Yr Maintenance) ($19.95 / year)
Box shot File and Folder Watcher ($49 / year)
Box shot Search And Replace Server Bundle for Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and text/html files (+ 1 Yr Maintenance) ($3199 / year)
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Box shot Upgrade 1 x TextPipe Pro MultiCPU/App Server License (+1 Yr Maintenance) to latest version ($699)
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