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Here’s how to get textpipeengine.dll to run as isolated COM (i.e., unregistered COM).

First, create a manifest for textpipeengine.dll:

mt.exe -tlb:textpipeengine.tlb -dll:textpipeengine.dll -out:textpipeengine.dll.manifest

Then go to Properties / Manifest Tool for the VC project in Visual Studio, and enter “textpipeengine.tlb” for the “Type Library File”, and “textpipeengine.dll” for the “Component File Name”.

Then you can run an app that calls textpipeengine.dll, without having to register textpipeengine.dll (via regsvr32) first.

textpipeengine.dll.manifest is included in the TextPipe Engine install. In the TextPipe install, the textpipe.exe.manifest contains the relevant entries.

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*- for internal use.