The chart below compares the Lite vs Full versions of WordPipe, ExcelPipe and PowerPointPipe. Floating licenses and Server Licenses are equivalent in function to a Full version license.

WordPipe / ExcelPipe / PowerPointPipe

Lite Edition Full Edition

Feature \ License Type

Single User Single User Floating License File Server
Recommended for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Use (not enforced)      
Recommended for Corporate/Organizational Use (not enforced)  
License sharing, multiple installs One workstation, or One user only1 One workstation, or One user only1 Yes, multiple installs, access controlled by Floating License Server One Server only
Move license between computers?      
Server install allowed?    
Document volume (*see note below) 200, then requires restart Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Recommended for 50,000 or more (*)

Files? Local files only Any files, anywhere Any files, anywhere Any files, anywhere
Handle multiple search/replace rows (no limit)
Handle multiple files and folders (no limit)
Handle passwords
Import lists from Microsoft Excel
Network support (Change files on network drives \\server\share or mapped drives)
Handles SharePoint sites (UNC mapping)  
Update ISO 9001 revision numbers  
Control which version of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint to connect to (where multiple versions have been installed)  
Restart Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint after processing a given number of documents  
Restart Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint if unresponsive for XX seconds  
Restart Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint executable directly after a Microsoft failure  
Time and accuracy savings - immeasurable. Pricing (before volume discounts) $99 / year $299 / year [volume] $499 / year per Floating License $699 / year per Server [volume]

1. One workstation, or One user only

Apart from the Lite Edition, all Licenses can modify files in both workstation and server locations.

2. Floating License

The floating license allows multiple users to share access to the software. If one floating license is purchased, then for example, 10 or more people can have the software installed, but only one can use it at a time - other users are locked out. For two floating licenses, two people can use the software simultaneously, but hundreds can actually have it installed.

Access is controlled by DataMystic's License Server. More info.

Apart from the Lite Edition, all Licenses can modify files in both workstation and server locations.

3. Server License

The file server version is only needed when you want to run WordPipe/ExcelPipe/PowerPointPipe together with Microsoft Office on the File Server where the files are stored, eliminating network latency. This starts to become useful around the 50,000+ document range.

Apart from the Lite Edition, all Licenses can modify files in both workstation and server locations.

Document Volume

(*) For large numbers of files the Full versions are essential. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (regardless of version - etc) all have memory leaks (bugs) that cause them to crash after large numbers of documents, and they crash sooner with small numbers of very large documents. For this, the restart capabilities in the Full versions are absolutely essential, especially if you plan to run the replace task overnight or over the weekend.