Back in 2008, we became aware of an Indian company who had ripped off three of our products.

Our advisors researched the issue, and found that, although the company's website claims they operate out of the USA, these Indians are operating from a location in Gujrat State close to the Pakistani border, an area know for its 'lawlessness'.

On contacting these people with a 'cease and desist', their explanation was:

"...any likeness in the applications are  due to the fact that both products work on MS Office files"

Sounds vaguely plausible, but that doesn't explain why their software contains facilities for updating ISO9001 version numbers, which Office doesn't directly support, or why our language files, help files and other assets were used.

Beware! There are also other key functions in their software that simply don't work - they copied the interface, but didn't know how to build all the functions.

The parent website has also been flagged by Google for malware. This indicates the other illegal activities these people are involved in.

We urge you to purchase from us - DataMystic -

Thanks for reading. This reflects the state of business in the real world. Lawyers, return to your ivory tower.