Running a user group offers challenging opportunities  -  coordinating programs, publishing newsletters, participating in community projects, and doing all of this "in your spare time". At DataMystic, we've designed our User Group Services with your busy schedule in mind. We offer the following options as a way to learn about our family of products.


The average user can access more information than ever before (via on-line systems, CD-ROMs, OCR software, databases, etc.) This information comes in different shapes and sizes, and must be manipulated - often by hand - into easily loadable rows, columns, and fields. When the quantity of data exceeds what a human can do, that's where TextPipe Pro enters the stage...


Reviews previously published in user group newsletters appear on our site in the Press section.  Review copies of our software are available to user group Review Coordinators upon request.

Customer References

Networking is one of the benefits of participating in user groups.  We sincerely appreciate user group members who tell their friends and associates about the DataMystic family of products.  We also appreciate our customers who share their applications for TextPipe Pro and our other applications on our site - in the Case Studies section. This section offers you an opportunity to learn how TextPipe is being used.

User Group Discounts

DataMystic offers significant discounts on our software when purchased in conjunction with presentations and reviews published in user group newsletters.

Product Demos

Demos of TextPipe, WordPipe etc are available to download from our site

We look forward to assisting you in your efforts to educate your members and the community in which you live. We look forward to hearing from you.