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Use TextPipe Lite to pre-process your files before TextAloud speaks them.

You can achieve far more natural speech by converting common acronyms such as ‘UK’ to either ‘U.K.’ or the full ‘United Kingdom’ instead of the default “ukh”. You can add your own search and replace terms, such as country abbreviations, measurement abbreviations, common acronyms for your area of work and much more, even fixing common OCR errors for the scanned documents you need read to you.

Sample uses:

Find our sample 'TextAloud.fll' filter file in TextPipe's '3rd party' subfolder - usually 'C:\Program Files\TextPipe\3rd party'.


TextPipe comes in three editions:

About TextAloud

TextAloud reads text from email, web pages, reports and more, aloud on your PC. TextAloud can also save your daily reading to MP3 or Windows Media files ready for playback on your iPod, PocketPC, or even on your TV with Tivo's Home Media Option. Be more productive or just be entertained wherever you go with our text reader. * US English Text to Speech Voices * UK English Text to Speech Voices * Spanish Text to Speech Voices * German Text to Speech Voices * French Text to Speech Voices * Indian English Text to Speech Voice If you haven't heard computer speech lately, you'll be amazed at how human-like the latest voices really are. Click Here for a sample audio file created using our text to speech converter with the optional AT&T Natural Voices?. We also offer exciting premium voices from NeoSpeech? and Cepstral? to bring you the best quality and personality in speech for your PC. Software Features: 1. Sit back and relax while your PC reads to you 2. Save text to MP3 for portable audio players 3. Proofread your own writing 4. Listen to that report while you're on the treadmill 5. Find help for someone with a reading disability 6. Create messages for your answering machine 7. Reduce eye strain from too much reading 8. Listen to information while you work on something else 9. Take some reading along for your daily walk or run 10. Turn your iPod into a tax write-off 11. Listen to an eBook during your commute 12. Study English as a Second Language 13. Help a senior citizen or someone with low vision 14. Add some spice to your PowerPoint presentations 15. Find a great new tool to study for exams 16. Listen to text read in other languages 17. Amuse your kids by letting your PC read stories to them 18. Create audio files for computer games 19. Prepare for a big speech by hearing your words read aloud


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