From: DataMystic,
Contact: Simon Carter, phone +61 3 9957-1545   Skype DataMystic
Date: 19th May 2003


Melbourne, Australia – May 19, 2003 - DataMystic announces TextPipe Pro 6.5, its enhanced text transformation workbench for data warehousing, electronic publishing and web site maintenance.

TextPipe is an industrial strength text conversion, manipulation and data mining application that can read just about anything you care to throw at it. It supports a huge variety of formats enabling any industry to manipulate its specific text files - formats include RTF, HTML, XML as well as Unix, Macintosh, Mainframe and PC end-of-line formatting. For text-based data, TextPipe supports comma-delimited, tab-delimited and fixed-position data files in ASCII or EBCDIC. It even supports structured and unstructured reports and files. It is the most powerful text alteration tool available, with 1001 uses.

TextPipe is designed to handle text and binary files larger than 10GB, and to perform multiple manipulations in a single pass. TextPipe comes with over 100 inbuilt filters, and a library of over 200 filters for specific tasks. Anyone who works with text files will be able to use TextPipe for their work.

Manipulations can be restricted to line ranges, column ranges, field ranges and more. TextPipe can be scheduled for automated lights-out processing, or scripted by Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi.

New features include: the ability to script TextPipe from a web page, allowing a custom web front end to be displayed that simplifies the interface and displays extra help to less technical users; conversions between CSV-delimited, tab-delimited and XML formats.

TextPipe Pro pricing starts at USD 229/EUR 210. A free evaluation can be downloaded from the company's website. A Web (USD 40/EUR 36), Standard (USD 99/EUR 90) and No Editing (editing disabled, USD 149/EUR 135) version are also available.

TextPipe requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP and 16MB of memory. The download file is 2.7MB. Installation requires 4MB.

Founded in 1990, DataMystic has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and has over 2000 customers in 62 countries. Its charter is to provide IT professionals with time saving data analysis tools. In addition to TextPipe, DataMystic offers:


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