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ResumePipe Streamlines Resume Processing

DataMystic has released ResumePipe v2.2, a Windows application that lets Human Resources professionals save time and money while processing applicants' resumes.

ResumePipe connects to your e-mail server and processes incoming e-mails containing resumes that are either in the body of the e-mails, or attached to them. The program removes unwanted white space, takes out multiple blank lines, reformats the text and word-wrap, corrects common punctuation mistakes, removes carriage control characters, HTML, tabs, and other binary characters that make text hard to read, and processes the resume into an easy to use format that can be quickly imported into your Applicant Tracking system.

The program works with Microsoft Outlook, LotusMail, Applix Applications, and any MAPI-compliant mail system. It's easy to tell the program where to find the folder containing the resumes, how to name and number the processed resumes, and where to file them. The resumes that are processed by ResumePipe can be easily imported into resume packages such as Restrac/Webhire.

ResumePipe can process e-mails with an unlimited number of attachments. There is even a command line processor that makes it easy to set up batches of resumes for processing.

By streamlining the job of extracting resumes from e-mails and importing them into their resume tracking systems, HRM professionals working with ResumePipe will save time and increase efficiency.

ResumePipe v. 2.2 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, and may be purchased securely online at Additional user licenses and a maintenance agreement are also available. You can download a free, fully-functional 14-day trial version of ResumePipe from the same address.

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