From: DataMystic
Contact: Simon Carter, phone +61 3 9957-1545   Skype DataMystic
Date: 18th August 2000


Melbourne, Australia - August 18, 2000 - DataMystic Corporation has announced TextPipe 5.1, an update of its text cleansing and transformation workbench for data warehousing, web site maintenance and electronic text processing. 

TextPipe solves common data cleansing problems with exact matching, pattern matching, sounds-like matching and New edit distance matching to cleanse typographical errors. Edit distance matching replaces a target word when the number of character swaps, inserts or deletes from a selected word is below a chosen threshold. Improve data quality in data loading tasks with cleansing scripts defined in VBScript and JScript. 

TextPipe automates complex text changes and reformatting across entire web sites, source code and text or binary files over 2GB. All transformation changes are documented in detailed audit logs. 

New 'Shallow' XML parsing manipulates XML files larger than available memory, and allows search and replace in text subsets like line ranges, column ranges, CSV fields, tab-delimited fields, lines matching a pattern, search results etc. 

Extract data from OLE DB/ODBC data sources in XML, fixed width, CSV or tab delimited format, transform it and insert into second database. Fix DOS, Mac, Unix and Mainframe end-of-lines, sort, split, merge and much more. 

TextPipe is a low cost alternative to complicated and time-consuming hand-coded solutions. Developers can rapidly design, test and re-use transformations for complex collections of irregular data. 


TextPipe can be purchased from the company web site. A free 14-day evaluation edition is also available for download. Volume discounts and Company, Site and Educational editions are also available. 


TextPipe requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and 16MB of memory. The download file is 2.2 MB. Installation requires 3 MB disk space. 


Founded in 1990, DataMystic Corporation has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. The company sells directly to VARs and companies over the Internet and via fax and mail order. DataMystic's technology is also licensed to strategic partners within Australia. Its charter is to provide IT professionals with time saving data analysis tools. It has developed eight commercial software titles. For more information visit



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