Unlock the Power of Efficient Legal Transcription

Introducing an indispensable tool for legal professionals: an Excel file meticulously crafted to enhance your legal transcription and documentation process. This comprehensive file contains 500 rows of essential legal terms, common phrases, and invaluable jargon. Each term is paired with a unique abbreviation, forming a series of keyboard keys designed to streamline your drafting process.

As you draft your documents, simply use these abbreviations. Our versatile FAR software processes the draft, converting the key series back to their full word forms within minutes. This innovative system, developed by Lynda Scott, a 15-year industry veteran, is designed for ease of use and memorability. With regular use, these abbreviations will become the building blocks of your own digital language.

The Excel file is fully customizable, allowing you to change, delete, or modify entries to suit your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that your documentation process remains fluid and adaptable to any project.

Built exclusively for use with DataMystic WordPipe, this tool is a result of a shared knowledge agreement, bringing together the expertise and insights of industry professionals to offer you a superior documentation solution.

Sample Legal Terminology & Abbreviations Excel File

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