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This page is for pre-sales assistance troubleshooting WordPipe.

Please Call DataMystic For Assistance

When in doubt, please call us, or use our technical support form.

Search Text Not Found?


The best idea is to open a document, right-click a hyperlink and click Edit Hyperlink. This will show you what is actually stored (*). There is also a sample settings file called 'Samples\Show Hyperlinks' which allows you to see exactly what hyperlink is stored. Contact us if you don't have this.

There are a number of reasons why hyperlinks may not be found:

  1. Slashes in filenames can be represented as both \ and /. Try searching for both
  2. Try shortening your search string until it matches, then add the original text back in to determine what is causing the problem
  3. Paths are sometimes stored as relative paths e.g. '..\..\..\filename.doc' instead of 'c:\Document and Settings\Simon\Document\filename.doc', so it won't contain the search string. These links do not need to be edited; they will automatically reflect the new location when the documents are moved.

(*) Spaces in hyperlinks can be stored as either '%20' or ' ' - WordPipe automatically checks for both.


The EasyPattern wildcards and Perl regex wildcards don't operate on the body/header/footer text, only on text-only items such as Hyperlink Addresses, Headers, Footers, Properties etc.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop files from Explorer to WordPipe's List of Files to process.

Other help resources

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