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Easily update copyright dates on your website with TextPipe Lite. TRY IT FREE!

Need to update the Copyright dates on your web site?

Use TextPipe to update 20 files or a million files in multiple folders -> exceptionally quickly.

TextPipe will also find a variety of copyright forms, both with and without hyperlinks embedded e.g.

Copyright ? 1995-2020 DataMystic

Copyright © 1995 DataMystic

Copyright (c) 1995 DataMystic

Copyright ? 1995-7 DataMystic

(C)opyright 1995-9 DataMystic

Here's How:

  1. Run TextPipe Lite  Download now -->
  2. File\Open the Filter called Html\change copyright on web pages.fll
  3. In the My Filter List view, select the EasyPattern
  4. If you need to, change the year in the Replace with field from 2005 to whatever you wish (e.g. 2006, 2010)
  5. Drag and drop the start folder of your website from Windows Explorer to TextPipe's window
  6. Click the [Go] button at the base of TextPipe's window.

Like'll find yourself using TextPipe again and again for all kinds of text-processing tasks.

Try it now for free. One-click Download. Setup takes only 1 minute

No forms to fill out! Installing TextPipe is a simple process that takes only 1 minute.


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