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What is TextPipe?

Winner of the International SIA Best Application award!

To fix Pipe files, you need to restrict changes to individual fields so you don't change data you didn't intend to.

ONLY TextPipe allows you to restrict changes to Pipe fields in massive files. Restrictions can also be applied to line ranges, column ranges, tab/CSV fields and much more.

Easily handle Pipe-delimited files with TextPipe™ Pro, our a multi-award winning, industrial strength text conversion, transformation, cleansing and extraction workbench. Since it's so easy (How?) to and from Tab-delimited with TextPipe, you can make use of our extensive range of Tab-delimited field handing filters-

Filter to Fix Embedded New Lines

If your pipe delimited file has embedded new lines in it, use this filter to convert it to CSV.

How to Convert Pipe Delimited Files

To convert Pipe Delimited (|) files to Tab Delimited (\t), follow these steps:

  1. Start TextPipe Pro
  2. Add a Search and Replace filter by double-clicking Filters\Replace\Find exactly
  3. In the Find box, type '|', and in the Replace with box, type '\t' - this is how tab characters are represented
  4. Now drag and drop your file into TextPipe's window and it will appear in the Files List
  5. Click Go (at the base of the window).

To convert Tab Delimited files back to Pipe Delimited, just Replace '\t' with '|' in Step 3. To convert to and from Comma Delimited, just use a ',' instead of '\t'.

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