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What is TextPipe?

Winner of the International SIA Best Application award!

To automatically concatenate (join) huge text files, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop your files from Windows Explorer to the TextPipe filter window (they will then get added to the Files To Process tab)
  2. Re-order the file list as necessary, as the files get concatenated (joined) in the order shown
  3. Click on the Filters To Apply tab
  4. In the All Available Filters view, click on Special\Merge (join) files to add it to the My Filter List view
  5. Enter the name of your output file in the Merge files to box
  6. Click the Go button at the base of the screen.

If you also want to sort the files, after Step 4, add a Sort filter from Filters\Special\Sort.

Join, concatenate and sort huge text files with TextPipe™ Pro, our multi-award winning, industrial strength text conversion, transformation, cleansing and extraction workbench.

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