XML Converter converts Oracle tables/views, MS Excel workbooks, MS Access databases, MS Word documents and text files to XML. XML Converter interactively allows the user to create a data transformation.

Coupled with TextPipe Pro, XML Converter's output can be tailored to meet the needs of your next data transformation stage:


XML Converter provides a new menu item for TextPipe - Add-Ins\TextPipe.

A new dialog appears, from which you can choose the TextPipe filter to apply to the XML file (or create a new filter), and the XML file to apply it to.

TextPipe Pro is a data extraction and text manipulation application that updates your web site, extracts data from databases, reformats and standardizes your electronic text and program source code, data mines unstructured text reports and your competitor's web sites, cleanses data in legacy databases, converts between a variety of mainframe and PC data formats - the possibilities are simply endless.

If TextPipe Pro is not installed, the following dialog appears when you click the TextPipe menu item:


You will need to download both programs to benefit from the combined power of TextPipe Pro and XML Converter. TextPipe Pro can also be used on its own to extract data from databases, or to manipulate text like websites, program source code, Framemaker files and more.