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Ask to speak to Richard Rundle, please tell him you were referred by 'Crystal Software'.


GFI FaxMaker from GFI Fax & Voice integrates with TextPipe Pro to allow Unix systems to send faxes directly to an Exchange/Lotus/WinNT fax server. To find out how, please download this documentation:

Solution Overview

GFI FaxMaker is an enterprise fax server solution.

Each Unix system places outgoing faxes into a TextPipe Pro folder. TextPipe Pro processes each fax (to convert from Unix to DOS end of line characters and to convert from DOS ASCII to ANSI character set), and places the resulting file in GFI FaxMaker's incoming fax folder. Once processed, the original incoming file is deleted (as FaxMaker archives all sent faxes anyway).


You will need to download both programs to benefit from the combined power of TextPipe and fax sending functionality of GFI FaxMaker.


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GFI FaxMaker +61 8 8273 3000 - ask for Richard Rundle

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