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Filter Files (.fll)

The following filters are all included in TextPipe's distribution.

coding\add line numbers
coding\c to pascal
coding\convert HTML to inline Java
coding\create C string
coding\create Pascal string constant
coding\custom decimal dump
coding\custom hex dump
coding\negative lookahead assertions
coding\pascal to c
coding\prepare files for alias section of HTML help
conversions\convert binary file to text
conversions\convert DOS newlines to Unix
conversions\convert tab-delimited to CSV
conversions\convert Unix newlines to DOS
conversions\csv to xml
conversions\join text files with EOF
conversions\mainframe binary files to PC text files
conversions\mainframe text files to PC text files
database\detect gaps in number ranges
database\insert record into database
email\extract emails
email\quote each line
email\unquote each line
etext\add page breaks at report boundary
etext\align text flush right
etext\applix word aws
etext\centre text and pad
etext\centre text
etext\convert bank record
etext\convert fixed width to html
etext\convert text to unicode
etext\copy to clipboard
etext\delete all lines where column 66 is not N
etext\delete both leading and trailing whitespace
etext\delete csv field 10
etext\delete leading whitespace
etext\delete trailing whitespace
etext\double space
etext\extract phone numbers
etext\fix name capitalization
etext\framemaker make index entries
etext\free form data mining example
etext\generate equation 2 from CSV fields
etext\generate equation from CSV fields
etext\generate rtf file
etext\insert 5 spaces at start of each line
etext\mac text to pc text
etext\make RTF search string
etext\manually edit matching lines
etext\merge files
etext\military time
etext\Numbers to Words
etext\obscure people names
etext\put box around text
etext\randomize lines (repeatable)
etext\re-arrange share prices
etext\reduce whitespace larger than 3 chars
etext\reformat for file_id diz
etext\reformat split wide table
etext\remove blank lines from file
etext\remove hard line feeds
etext\remove last word of every line
etext\remove matching lines between X and Y
etext\replace spaces near tabs
etext\replace spaces with tabs at start of lines only
etext\select from start to matching line
etext\select lines of length 10 or more
etext\sort large files
etext\split Agent Newsreader files
etext\split files
etext\split records into new files
etext\triple space
etext\undo double space
etext\uppercase exception words
fun\drawl (texan)
fun\Elmer Fudd
fun\Ken - Cockney
fun\morse code
fun\pig latin
fun\reverse each character on a line
fun\reverse order of lines
fun\swedish chef
html\add advertising banner to end of web pages
html\add advertising banner to start of web pages
html\add copyright to end of web pages
html\check for repeated keywords
html\create html list
html\data mine html tables
html\data mine
html\de-dupe keyword list
html\edit existing META tags
html\edit HTML TITLE tags
html\find pages with email addresses
html\fix up special chars in HTML
html\generate crawler page for web spiders
html\HTML to text
html\insert new META tags
html\insert script (within document body)
html\insert script (within HTML header)
html\make HTML smaller
html\optimize HTML
html\remove all META tags
html\remove comments
html\remove DreamWeaver tags
html\remove frontpage span div tbody
html\remove frontpage TOC tags
html\remove frontpage webbot tags
html\remove HTML comments
html\remove HTML
html\remove span tags
html\remove style
html\remove VBScript and JScript
html\replace BODY tag
html\replace Hyperlink Target URL
html\replace Image SRC tags
html\simplify tags
html\update html TITLE tags interactively
html\update KEYWORD tags interactively
html\YellowPages extract
integration\DTAUS German bank format
integration\GFI FAXmaker
sysadmin\generate file list
sysadmin\generate file renaming list
sysadmin\make binary file readable
sysadmin\pad with zeroes
sysadmin\parse extended website log
sysadmin\parse website log
sysadmin\put DOS DIR on clipboard
sysadmin\show first 10 lines of file (emulate head)
sysadmin\show first line of file (emulate head -1)
sysadmin\show last 10 lines of file (emulate tail)
sysadmin\show last line of file (emulate tail -1)
sysadmin\snippet of each file
sysadmin\swap date formats
taskMenu\convert clipboard text to Elmer Fudd speak
taskMenu\convert clipboard text to lowercase
taskMenu\convert clipboard text to Sentence case
taskMenu\convert clipboard text to UPPERCASE
taskMenu\indent text on clipboard
taskMenu\remove leading spaces from clipboard text
taskMenu\remove trailing spaces from clipboard text
taskMenu\unindent text on clipboard
taskMenu\word wrap text on clipboard
vbscript\apply UPPERCASE to every 2nd line
vbscript\count string matches
vbscript\create db
vbscript\create excel graph from data
vbscript\delete files of zero size
vbscript\error logging
vbscript\find text and then include it on every line
vbscript\generate sequential keys
vbscript\get drive information
vbscript\global variables
vbscript\html to text - iso8859-1 vbs
vbscript\inline macro
vbscript\insert data into database table
vbscript\insert text after XX lines
vbscript\many excel examples
vbscript\move columns
vbscript\output filename stats
vbscript\process undelimited records
vbscript\remove blank lines from end
vbscript\remove blank lines from top
vbscript\replace filename with contents
vbscript\report on matching lines
vbscript\split out embedded fields into multiple records
vbscript\sub filter demo

Maps (.map)

The following maps are all included in TextPipe's distribution.

Maps convert one input character to one or more output characters.

maps\C characters
maps\convert accented characters to HTML
maps\morse code
maps\pascal characters
maps\Strip alphabetical characters
maps\Strip alphanumeric characters
maps\Strip non alphabetical characters
maps\Strip non alphanumeric characters
maps\Strip non numeric characters
maps\Strip numeric characters
maps\to decimal
maps\to hex
maps\xml encode

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