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Convert mainframe Cobol copybook files to formats suitable for uploading into PC databases


TextPipe is an easy-to-use tool to convert large mainframe files to PC format using Cobol copybooks to define the data format. Automatically

  • Convert EBCDIC files to ASCII CSV, Tab- or Pipe-delimited, XML, JSON or fixed width formats
  • Convert Packed, Zoned and Binary fields, including Unisys Packed Decimal Unzoned/Packed-No-Zone (PNZ) with padding fields etc, with our Mainframe Copybook Filter. Just paste your copybook and begin converting!
  • Convert NULL and blank numerics
  • Convert REDEFINES and OCCURS fields, with nested OCCURS and OCCURS DEPENDING ON
  • Convert huge multi-Gigabyte files
  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Mainframe EBCDIC single-record type copybook conversion

The simple steps are:

  1. Drag and drop your ebcdic source file onto TextPipe. Note: This MUST have been transferred off the mainframe in BINARY mode, otherwise packed fields will be corrupted.
  2. In TextPipe's Input Filter, ensure that Binary files is set to 'Process'
  3. Add a Mainframe \ Mainframe Copybook filter by double-clicking it
  4. Paste the copybook into the filter
  5. Click [Check Parse Tree] to ensure there are no problems with your copybook, such as extra leading columns, missing fields etc. If you have errors at this stage, please contact support
  6. Run the filter (with F9), and check your output file
  7. Check TextPipe's error tab for any issues
See detailed steps: Convert multiple record COBOL copybooks

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