Make Money and Increase Profits

Since 1990 DataMystic has developed some of the world's most popular text and data manipulation applications. We've helped Fortune 2000 companies, government agencies, as well as small businesses and organizations.

To succeed, we need more than good software products, we need good partners. Partners who do more than sell a boxed software product. 

We are searching for a limited number of Value Added Resellers (VARs) who can provide clients with complete solutions. 

We've found that successful VARs are typically Systems Integrators, Database Consultants or Computer Consultants that installs solutions at client sites. These VARs simply add our range of data manipulation products to their 'black bag' of tricks, and resell them to their clients as required.

Why Become a Reseller?

DataMystic is offering industry leading text and data manipulation applications at a time when corporation's data conversion activity is at an all-time high. Data warehousing, business-to-business e-commerce, web publishing and importing data from foreign systems all contribute to the data conversion workload of the average business analyst, database administrator or programmer.

A recent report by the Gartner Group indicates that annual spending on data conversion will exceed 1.8 billion dollars. This prediction is based on a trend that shows corporate spending for data conversion increased 70% every year for the past 3 years: the DataMystic product line offers a huge opportunity for Authorized Resellers to make money selling not just software but selling complete solutions.

DataMystic Authorized Resellers are eligible for discounts on selected products. Authorized Resellers are encouraged to bundle these products with value-added services and charge accordingly. Significant revenue potential exists for aggressive solution providers or resellers.

What are the Requirements?

Organizations reselling our products must provide engineers with a high level of technical expertise and competence. In order to be eligible for the reseller discount, you must be a registered reseller with us and the products must be registered with the end user's information (not the reseller's).

To become an Authorized Reseller, a reseller/VAR must have already made 2 sales in a 3 month period.

What Products are Available for Resale?

All products except Support Plans and Upgrades are available for resale.

Our Reseller Relationships

We see our Value Added Reseller program as a partnership - and for the partnership to work, it must be profitable for us both. Authorized Resellers are very important partners for DataMystic. To grow our company we need VARs who can sell, install, and support our products. We've structured our VAR program to provide you with high discounts as well as excellent sales and technical support.

What are the Benefits?

Authorized Resellers get the benefits listed above as well as:

How do I Apply?

Fill out the the reseller application form. After your application is processed and approved, you will receive a confirmation via email and a sales pack.