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New Features

What's New in EasyPatterns v3.0 - 25 March 2011

* Removed menu items that hid sections that users expected. * Updated to EasyPatterns 2.5. * Vista and install changes.

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Detailed Changes Log

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.9 - 10 March 2009

* Upgraded EasyPatterns to v2.3. * New Edit Menu with Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.8 - 14 May 2007

* Upgraded EasyPatterns to v2.2. * Vista installation support.

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.7

* Added EasyPatterns for [dayname], [daynumber], and a function [ascii()] or [asc()] which can be used to insert arbitrary ASCII codes in either hex (eg $ff) or decimal (e.g. 255) format. EasyPatterns now can accept counts and quantities in either hex or decimal format.

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.6

* Added EasyPattern keywords [ number, numbers, leftangle, rightangle, lessthan, greaterthan ] * Fixed handling of> characters - the EasyPattern was not built correctly.

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.5

* New help file. * Patterns can now be designed using point and click! Just paste in the text you want to match, highlight the text you want to capture, and then start matching! * You can now define a replace string, and EP Helper shows you what the substituted characters will be. You can also use a right-click menu to insert all the matched fields as CSV data or Tab-delimited data, or to insert pieces of the matched expression. * EP now inserts commas between parts of an EasyPattern to make it easier to read. * When EP finds punctuation in a variable field, it allows all types of punctuation, not just those found in the original text. * Fixed EP for [CRLF].

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.4

* Added right-click menus to EasyPattern and Perl regex fields to make building patterns easier. * Fixed EasyPattern for [month,monthnumber,day,hour] so that they match the long version of the pattern first, then try the shorter variations.

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.3

* Added new Reparse option to automatically reparse the EasyPattern or perl pattern as it changes, and show what it matches. This is extremely useful for determining where a pattern match is going wrong.

What's New in EasyPatterns v2.2

* Version changed to 2.2 because first release was originally 2.1. * Fixed [word] - previously matched non-word characters. * . was not escaped - now fixed. * Now uses ungreedy matching as TextPipe does.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.5

* Brought up to date with TextPipe 7.1.1 * EasyPattern fixes to align with the EasyPattern documentation - [symbol, symbols] - removed the '!' - [space, spaces] changed to just matched ASCII 32, not tabs, line feeds etc - [horizontalwhitespace, hspace] - now only match space and tab - [verticalwhitespace, vspace, worddelimiter, linedelimiter, paragraphdelimiter] - now match formfeed - [anybracket, anybrackets] - now match { and } * EasyPatterns now will NOT attempt to combine OR'd negated and non-negated character sets, such as [ not lineChar or 'a' ]

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.4

* Brought up to date with TextPipe 7.0.7 * Changed EasyPatterns for EmailAddress, HyperLink, PageNumber and DayOfYear so that the constituent parts are captured into $variables for later substitution. * Fixed EasyPattern for FormFeed.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.3.2

* Help icon now works. * [year] keyword now checks for 4 digit years first, then 2 digit years.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.3.1

* Previous match details are now cleared when the pattern changes.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.3

* New keywords for slash, colon, hash, pound, percent, star, asterisk, ampersand. * Prevents stack overflows by better pattern generation.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.2

* Added [CSVfield] and [TABfield] for handling data extracts.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.1

* Fixed handling of [char] keyword.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.0.1

* Polish translation. * Changed registration key to remove organization restriction.

What's New in EasyPatterns v1.0

* Initial release! See https://www.datamystic.com for more details on EasyPatterns