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Data2Flat by Siber Systems - Competitive Upgrade?

The Siber Systems website has been abandoned since 2010, and neither Data2Flat or Data Viewer software has been updated since 2008. If you are an existing Data2Flat or Data Viewer customer, please contact us for a competitive price to switch to TextPipe Standard or Pro.

Cobol Data Files Everywhere

A lot of important data collected in the last 40 years by corporations and governments resides in Cobol data files.

Today languages other than Cobol are often used for data processing and programs in these languages need to read legacy Cobol data files. Also you may want to convert Cobol data files to modern formats such as CSV, DBF, Excel, Oracle, etc.

Data Readers do just that -- they convert Cobol data files to modern formats and make it available to programs in languages such as VB, C++, Java.

Why Reading Cobol Data Is Hard

Cobol data files do not contain information about their own organization and record structure. That is, if you have just a Cobol data file and you do not have a Cobol program capable of writing or reading this file, you cannot correctly interpret the data contained in this file.

For every Cobol data file that you want to be able to read and interpret, you need the following:

Even if you have all 3 components as described above, reading and interpreting the data is still difficult:

With TextPipe Pro you can:

Your proprietary package doesn't provide a utility to export your collection? No problem, just have it print catalogue cards to a print file. TextPipe will read the print file and extract the data for you.

Convert the data elements to a different format:

Unit Conversion?The information you are importing contains data in square meters, but your database requires it in square feet? No problem, TextPipe has conversions built in for distance, area, volume, weight, energy, temperature and time. If it doesn't have the unit conversion you need, you can provide your own conversion rules.

Export numeric data as decimal, hexadecimal and scientific formats. With or without leading zero file for fixed length fields.

Name Parsing? The CD-ROM you bought has names like "de la Mere Michael S Arnold Jr Dr Psychtrst Residence" in it. You can hardly use it as a mailing list in that format. No problem, TextPipe will remap it to "Dr Michael S Arnold de la Mere Jr" (and if you want, it will even leave off the "Jr" or export the name in fields as "Dr","Michael","S Arnold","de la Mere","Jr") at a fraction of the cost of other data mapping products.

Write out to new format and structure

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