David Johnson
Leapfrog Software, LLC


I use TextPipe Professional just about every day to save time with all kinds of tasks in my work as a database applications developer.

Just today, for example, I found one of my clients keying data from financial reports into one of my applications.  She had received more than 8,000 separate text files from an outside company, and was dutifully opening each one, picking out five pieces of information, and keying them into the system.  I asked if I could take a copy of the files, hoping they could be loaded programmatically.

The reports were not in a format that could easily be loaded into the database using common utilities. 


But after a few minutes with TextPipe, I had created a filter that extracted the key data from all of the reports into a single tab-delimited file, which could then bulk-copied into the database.  This one use of TextPipe probably saved my client an entire month of labor.  In this one example, TextPipe paid for itself a hundred times over.

Sure, I could have used Perl, Awk, VB, or any number of other programming tools to accomplish the same task, but it's much easier to come up with a quick TextPipe solution.