Arrow Electronics (UK) Ltd


TextPipe is definitely a very handy tool, and combined with the BOXER text editor it is a formidable force

 - Mr. Jade O'Hanlon, eCommerce Project Manager


  1. We receive EDI files which are normally in a string, with a ' as the line terminator. TextPipe can insert a carriage return & LF after this character, which lets us view the file more easily.
  2. We need to compare Large flat files sometimes line by line, for character positions. TextPipe can extract a collection of lines for us from huge files, then delete the columns that we don't need. 
  3. For a temporary solution with an XML process, we have used TextPipe to extract business data from XML messages - Once we mastered the technique of filtering! 
  4. Random difficult data manipulation ! - TextPipe is the only tool that I have come across that can tackle the impossible.