DataMystic Refund Policy for Downloaded Software

We do not refund just because you changed your mind (unless you are converting to another of our products).

To obtain a refund on a product that was delivered to you by online download, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. If you have NOT downloaded the full version software we can organize a no-hassle refund. Note - our login system records downloads.
  2. We will only refund the purchase price if there is a technical problem with the software that cannot be resolved within 30 business days of the customer request. You must provide us with reasonable assistance to fix the problem, such as sending us settings or files to duplicate the problem.
  3. All returns for downloaded software must be pre-authorized by DataMystic Software. ("DataMystic") as described below. Your right to obtain a refund for downloaded software lasts only for a limited time. Your request for a return must be made to DataMystic within 30 days of the date DataMystic made the software available to you for download (the "Purchase Date"), and DataMystic must receive, at its offices, your fully completed and signed Letter of Destruction ("Affidavit") within 35 days of the Purchase Date. No refund will be made until the Affidavit has been received by DataMystic, or if the time requirements described above are not met. DataMystic is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail, delays for downloading, or other communication system delays.
  4. If a CD version of the software was purchased it must be returned in original resalable condition including packaging, documentation, warranty cards, manuals, and accessories as a part of this return process. CDs that are not returned in original condition will be charged a restocking fee.
  5. To receive a refund for downloaded software purchases from DataMystic, you must obtain from DataMystic a Letter of Destruction (described below), and complete and return the Affidavit to DataMystic along with the manual and CD if the Download Kit was purchased. No credit will be issued for incomplete or non-DataMystic component returns. You must also destroy all copies of the software you may have made or stored in any place, as well as uninstall the software from any computers owned or controlled by you where you have installed the software. Once you have returned the Letter of Destruction to DataMystic (and the Download Kit, if applicable), all licenses you may have to use the software will be immediately terminated, and any further use of the software will be an infringement of copyrights as well as other intellectual property rights.
  6. You must provide sufficient information for DataMystic to be able to identify your transaction, such as the DataMystic order number and/or invoice number and/or date of transaction given to you when the download was ordered. If DataMystic is able to identify your order, and the request is made within the time frame discussed above, you will be given a copy of the Letter of Destruction ready for completion and return to DataMystic.
  7. You must fill out all required information on the Letter of Destruction, sign and date the Affidavit, and return it to DataMystic as instructed on the form.
  8. When DataMystic receives your properly completed and signed Letter of Destruction (and Download Kit, if applicable) within the time frame discussed above, DataMystic will provide a refund to you of the amount you paid for the software plus refund any appropriate taxes charged with that order. DataMystic will not refund any shipping or handling charges that may have been charged to you. Refunds will be made in the same manner as you purchased the product. If you purchased by check, DataMystic will send you a check, so please be sure we have your mailing address. If you purchased by credit card, your credit card account will be credited. If you purchased by company purchase order, your account will be credited.

Please allow 28 days for the refund to be processed.

Download Letter of Destruction (lod.pdf 16KB)

Download Letter of Destruction (lod.rtf 24KB)