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Compatible with Windows 7 OS
Software runs successfully on Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista & Windows 7 and 8 x32/x64

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Just imagine - next time your organization changes its phone number, address, web site or CEO - just run PowerPointPipe across your file server or website to fix all affected documents in one hit.

Use it for...

  • Changing your organization's phone number, address, web site or CEO
  • Performing server consolidations where document links need updating
  • Server renaming or replacement where document links need updating
  • Changing part numbers or SKUs across multiple files
  • Removing digitized signatures from documents prior to converting them to PDF and placing them on the web
  • Translating documents
  • Correcting OCR (scanned) documents
  • Detecting 'TOP SECRET' documents that have been saved in the wrong folder (by security identifiers located in headers)
  • and much more.

Translators can use PowerPointPipe's grid to define multiple search/replace pairs.


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