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You little ripper: download site showcases Aussie software

12/12/2003 11:50:40

Consumers wishing to buy Australian-made software and demonstrate that patriotic streak have a new online destination.

Melbourne-based software house Crystal Software this week launched https://www.jadediabetes.com/index.html, a site that highlights Australian-made software.

According to a release from Crystal Software, downloadpipe displays the Australian Made logo next to qualifying products. These products are listed first in search results, followed by software from Australian companies, then overseas vendors.

"We've always know that Australians write great software, and downloadpipe makes it easier than ever for Australian consumers to search for and find Australian Made products," said Simon Carter, MD of Crystal Software.

According to Carter the site automatically detects updated software on an hourly basis. About 24 000 products are currently listed.

Examples of software listed include BlackMagic, an application that converts black & white photos to colour; and Natural Ambience - Sound Therapy Software 1.

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