Dirdate doesn't change the creation date?

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Dirdate doesn't change the creation date?

Post by kennyt » Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:00 pm


I'm evaluating dirdate and I'm having some problems. I'm on win7-64 if that's important.

I type:
dirdate creation date=01/01/2002 *.MOD
dirdate all date=01/01/2002 *.MOD

The screen feedback implies that all the files have been changed.

But then, using windows explorer, I check the properties of my .MOD files and only the accessed time has been changed, the modified and created dates remain "untouched".

Am I doing something wrong?



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Re: Dirdate doesn't change the creation date?

Post by DataMystic Support » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:58 pm

Ah - looking at the command line syntax, it is:

dirdate CREATION= date=01/01/2002 *.MOD
dirdate ALL= date=01/01/2002 *.MOD

The reason for this syntax is so that you can set CREATION= modified etc.

MODIFIED= Change the modified date (default, also MODIFY=)
CREATION= Change the creation date (also CREATE=, CREATED=)
ACCESS= Change the last access date (also LASTACCESS=)
ALL= Change all dates

modify Set specified date(s) to file's modified date
create Set specified date(s) to file's create date
access Set specified date(s) to file's last access date

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